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  1. //Anne Hager for Re-Election! (Q & A)//

    // User "HeckMeDaddy"  leaves a question // you see that one dude that eats a pic of you? really weird. thoughts?
  2. // A question //

    // User "Decklord" replies // Insert // End //
  3. *Climbs Tree*

    1. Kappa

      *Fires taser*

    2. IVaporWave

      *Has Heart Attack and Dies*

  4. So uh, what'd I miss?

    don't touch the tree
  5. Clockwrench/Clitzclank

    What he said, with the modular systems lore, he'd be at least 350 Pounds being 2 meters tall and clad in heavy armor.
  6. Clockwrench/Clitzclank

    What do you mean by "Magic Attacks"? GC doesn't have any real magic.
  7. T-SA-APR "Sapper Rounds"

  8. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  9. // Note to Self //

    // The following would be one of Vance's personal logs. The material within is focused on the topic of Gun, a novakid that Vance recently adopted. // Keep the armory locked at all times. Make sure to get home at reasonable intervals to check on the kid. Never drink in front of the kid, don't want them picking up bad habits later in life. Watch your mouth, the kid has been shown to mimic you and your actions from time to time. You're a role model, don't mess this up. Keep all dangerous items out of reach. Stop bringing home strange women. Don't want to scare the kid. Take a break from working, spend time with the kid. She's looking up to you, don't fail her. Also, think twice before doing something stupid, you've got someone waiting for you at home now, don't want them to start worrying. Keep the fridge stocked, she likes veggies, and remind yourself to get a small Haven Guard beret for her. She can't go about wearing the only one you have. // End the note to self. //
  10. T-SA-APR "Sapper Rounds"

    Considering this is different than the typical 40mm Projectile, the effective range would be at the most 50 Meters, but it is intended for ranges of 10-25 meters.
  11. // Ocana Tecnologies Catalog //

    ((Hence why it is custom ordered and a special quote is given for a specific AI.))
  12. // Fucks wrong with Haven //

    // User XxMeemQueen69420xX leaves a comment, typical of people who browse sites such as Memester. // op is gey //The comment ends, a circlejerk of replies follows it//
  13. // Ocana Tecnologies Catalog //

    // The following would be the catalog page on the Ocana Technologies NexSite. // Ocana Technologies Innovation - Quality - Excellence }=============={ Munitions: Riot Suppression Rounds (RiSR): 100 Osi for 15 rounds. Two-Staged Anti-Armored Personnel Round (T-SA-APR) (PREORDER): 100 Osi for 1 round. Hyperkinetic Vibro-Baton: 150 Osi Prosthetics: Civilian: IL-121 "Mason" Arm Prosthesis: 700 Osi plain, 1200 Osi with Installation AH-23 "Trotter" Leg Prosthesis: 700 Osi plain, 1200 Osi with Installation SK-522 "Seeker" Eye Replacement: 500 Osi Plain, 1200 Osi with Installation Defense-Grade: OR-191 "Strongarm": 1500 Osi plain, 2000 Osi with installation. MV-909 "Mule's Leg": 2000 Osi plain, 2500 Osi with installation. Artificial Intelligence: Form: Name of desired AI: Intelligence level: (Intelligent-Sentient**) Specific Traits: Extra details:   *Note: Prices will vary depending on complexity of the AI. We will send you a quote once a request is turned in. **Note: Any request for sentient AI will be met with much questioning. We do not believe that Sentient AI are mere objects to buy and sell, any abuse or neglect of sentient AI will be met with direct opposition. We reserve the right to deny service to those who we speculate to be dishonest.     Custom Requests:   Project Name: Details: Materials Needed: Materials Supplied: Extra Information Not Specified:   *Note: Prices obviously depend on complexity and composition of the project. We specialize in robotics and intelligent systems, but weapons and other implements will be created upon request. Once a form is submitted, a return quote will be sent to the customer.     }=============={
  14. T-SA-APR "Sapper Rounds"

    Name: Two-Stage Anti-Armored Personnel Round (T-SA-APR) "Sapper Rounds" Description: The Two-Stage Anti-Armored Personnel Round, or "Sapper Round" is a 40mm Shell  that is composed of two different parts. When undeployed, it looks like a canister that has a drill bit protruding out the front. The back has three curved fins that deploy once fired. Around the frontal circumference of the round is a dremel-like row of teeth. The back of the round houses a directional explosive charge that is set off exactly one second after the round makes contact with a target. When shot it rotates in the air at a speed of 3000 RPM. The high rotation speed of the round gives it a distinct whistling noise as it travels through the air. Pic Related: Abilities:  Eliminates Armored foes with ease with minimal collateral damage. Made of relatively common materials, so is inexpensive to produce compared to many anti-armor implements. Conditional Abilities (Optional): Could be used to demolish a wall if in need to do so, if it is of the appropriate thickness. Could eliminate soft targets from the other side of walls that were mentioned in the previous statement. Limitations: Requires the use of a weapons platform that fires 40mm rounds, such as your standard grenade launcher. Is only rated to go through armors that are less than 5 Inches thick. Not preferable to use against vehicles, unless targeting a deliberate section of it, such as an engine block of a tank, or nacelle of a surface aircraft. Can be easily intercepted mid-air by anti-projectile devices found on many modern-day tanks. Intended for engagements between 10-25 Meters and can only be reliably effective up to 50 Meters. Conditional Limitations (Optional):  Due to the relatively large size of a 40mm round, you cannot carry too many of these. Any weapon that fires these rounds are very conspicuous How does it work:  The Sapper round fires like any normal 40mm shell. The casing of it functions as a sabot for the fins, so they remain undeployed until they exit the barrel of the launcher. The high rotation is a result of a portion the gas released from the shell being vented off to the side. This small amount of gas has a negligible impact on the velocity of the round. The Durasteel tipped drill is able to pierce substantially harder materials due to the high velocity and rotation of the round. The dremel bit around the front of the round are there to help keep the round from falling off the target during the delay from the impact and the ignition of the payload. The payload of the round is comparable to that of a high-explosive grenade, save for that it is directional. The fins function as a way to stabilize the round within the as it rotates, preventing the round from wobbling and preventing the drill bit from properly landing its mark. When hitting a thicker surface that it cannot fully penetrate, the explosion is directed laterally from the round, giving it an unintended, but desired, effect that could easily demolish concrete walls. Attainability: Semi-Open. This round is a product of Ocana Technologies and is one of the many forms of specialized ammunition that has been developed and sold by them. Tags: Military Category: Ranged Armaments.
  15. // Reclamation //

    // A quick reply. // This "News" Network is encouraging it's viewers to die for their Caliph. They are promoting these ill-equipped civilians to directly confront a military force, and with what? Their zeal? That only calls for more bloodshed. Again, blind zealots are cultivated from sources such as this. And that should be concerning for not only us, the people that are against the Caliph and his power grab, but it should be for those under his reign. This is evidence that the Caliph cares more about his claim than the well-being of his citizens. //End Reply.//