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  1. Network exception error's

    Hello @Wibble me jim jams. I had this problem last year but was lucky enough to have it "fix itself" (Here is the link to the old discussion. Now, what can really help you pinpoint the problem is if you try using a friend/cafe's internet. Like I said in the previous link, it worked at my friends house, but not my own. So if you have access to another source to test your connection, I highly suggest doing that so you can remove "Files" and "Firewall" from your troubleshooting list
  2. Basic Gun Drawables [SIMPLE]

    You were born for this. 
  3. Hiya

    Welcome Axmandan! I like your profile pic.   
  4. Yo -

    Any plans to revise the Rubicand application? It had been one of the few new species I was excited to play.

    1. clicky

      Don't have any plans right yet.

      Maybe someday?

  5. Cant Join server

    Hey @TimeToSplit, I had this problem last week, it is most likely related to your router/IP (Connecting to the server worked at a friends house). Although I was unable to fix it myself, the problem solved itself after a few days...  I know leaving things to chance is lame, but perhaps if you cannot figure the problem out, all you will need is a little patience. Things I did - Reinstall  - Checked firewall - IP change - Router factory reset - Clicked "Allow assets mismatch" On/Off multiple times as suggested by discord. - Removed mods - Removed player files - Looked through 'starbound.log'(s) --- Only error I found was related to OpenGL - Giving up and playing Warframe until It was fixed.
  6. // User Saint posts // I'll be resigning from Atlas, you can write my name off any old logs. Good luck with the new corporation! - Saint 
  7. GUESS WHAT!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Krowski!
  8. Hi, I'm the new recruit Bottom of this page. Make sure to read rules though! ;^)
  9. Hi, I'm the new recruit

    If your character is original, and does not go against the guidelines/rules you should be fine. Just try to twist their history to better fit Starbound lore, or recreate parts of it entirely.
  10. Hi, I'm the new recruit

    Welcome to Galaxy Citizen Reazorgot! Hope to see your future characters around the hubs soon. :]
  11. Oh, local chat is back. Looks like the door is open.

  12. Hello all

    Welcome Blue. I'll be sure to come to you for my fix of the cringe. :^)
  13. Poor Saint. Ouch. Well, despite his efforts to stay composed and positive he eventually became comfortable with certain aspects of his life. In doing so he started think of what it would be like to have a complete human body again, this has lead to some strange behavior and a lack of his usual emotional steadiness. After a great deal of internal conflict, and a renewal of wisdom (Thanks to Virgil and Brisela) Saint's on his way to fixing himself, literally. *thumbsup* NOT "Saint's Song" but I think a good portion of these lyrics had fit to Saint's mindset during that phase.  --When you breathe the airIt tastes like medicineAnd overwhelming daysare nothing that I can't hideWhen you walk alone you think such foolish thingsAnd so disappointed we arewith no one around to love--  
  14. How about a personality test? INTJ  I've taken these in the past, scoring INFJ, INTJ, INTP, and now INTJ again... It's strange how they change over time, but honestly I don't think this one is very accurate considering there are only 60 questions being asked. STILL FUN THOUGH :^)