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  1. My life is a meme

  2. I still exist. This is okay.

    1. PatMartins

      I still exist too. This is fine.

  3. So if bird lay egg, do avian lay... BIGGER EGG???!!!

    1. Wibble me jim jams.

      Short answer, maybe, long answer, It really depends since i think one factor would be the type of bird the character is which could determine the size of the egg. Honestly iv never needed to RP this stuff out so id like to say i don't know 100% and nor do i wish to know how it works fully.

  4. Zog

    And no, this isn't based on the real Zog of Albania. Zog just means bird in Albanian. That Zog, and my Zog are cool, though.   General Information First name: Zog Middle name(s): Surname:  of Albavia Age: 24 Date of birth: 3260 Race: Avian Gender: Male Sexuality: Straight Current residence: Relationship status: Single Social status: Self-proclaimed Prince of Albavia. In reality, just an adventurer Traits of Voice Accent (if any): Albanian Language spoken: Galactic Standard Other languages known: Albanian Style of speaking: Soft Volume of voice: Medium volume Physical Appearance: Height: 1.8 meters Weight: 65 kilograms Eye color: Brown, mostly Skin color: Red Shape of face: Average Avian Distinguishing features: Typically undistinguished Build of body: Not too buff, but not too lean Hair color: (Is birb, so same as feather color) Hair style: Plumage points backwards Complexion: (Birb) Posture: Stands straight. Keeps head high. Tattoos: None Piercings: None Typical clothing: Usually wears human clothing, except in notable Avian events (holidays, etc.) Is seen by others as: Probably a misguided soul. He doesn't think himself as one, rather as someone to unify people Personality Likes: Being together in a group, leading, assortments of fruit, ideals of the Grounded, bananas as they are too cool to be classified as a group of fruit, freedom and all that Likes: Jokes, fruit, the concept of Albavia, learning history Dislikes: The Stargazers, banana haters, being separated Education: Standard, college-based human education. During his education years, he spent his time teaching himself extra concepts, especially that centered around royalty and royalty history Fears: Being trapped. Being at the bottom of society. Being unable to extend a hand to help someone Personal goals: To create the unified, Grounded state of Albavia General attitude: Enjoys reaching out and helping those in need. Positive. When on the subject of Albavia, however, Zog tends to be more self-centered and focused on that rather than anything else Religious values: Seeing as how he is opposed to a fanatically religious group, the Stargazers, he finds it hard to follow any diety General intelligence: Often knows the little things no one else does General sociability: Friendly and supportive Health Illnesses (if any): None, currently Allergies (if any): None Sleeping habits: Tries to sleep early. Only because he hardly sleeps in. Energy level: Generally active Eating habits: When active, eats when needed. When lazy or inactive, an eating machine Memory: Can typically remember most specific incidents in the past Any unhealthy habits: Crackers. Too many crackers History Birth country:   Hometown: Childhood: Separated by his Avian parents at birth, Zog was found by a human couple with only his first name. With a history completely unknown to him, and among those who weren't like him, he found it difficult to fit in. That didn't mean he didn't try, however, and Zog attempted to make friends in his community. He would be taught about humans and their history, but as he was an Avian, he would take an interest in Avians themselves too. Teen years: As he became more independent, Zog was more interested in history, particularly the history of his own people. He read works by Grounded writers, and he seemed convinced- the Avians of Avos were bad people. Adult years: While hardly into his adult years, Zog, once completing education, decided to go out into space and explore. Curious, adventurous, and ambitious, he would explore the cosmos to perhaps find a way to unite Grounded Avians into a common state- Albavia. Past places of residence: A Grounded Avian village when he was born, raised in a human colony. History of family: He didn't know his birth parents. His foster parents, however, were your average colonists. They had the dreams of exploring the galaxy, and they did that. At some point during their adventures, the human couple found Zog, and took him in. Settling down in a colony, they raised the Avian and made a life for themselves. Relationships Parents: Birth parents: Missing - Foster Parents: Anonymous Foster Mother and Anonymous Foster Father Siblings: None Any enemies (and why): Holds a grudge against the Stargazers - Seeing as how they were the result of him being separated from his parents, and how curiosity got the better of him when reading works of literature by Grounded Avians, he has grown to openly hating them. Children: None Friends: No permanent ones. Yet, I guess Best friend(s): N/A Important friends/relatives (explain): Bleh Love interest (if there is one): Nah, not really. Combat Peaceful or violent: Both. He won't usually strike first, but he'll defend himself if he has to. Weapon (if applicable): Typically uses a sword and a shield. While quite out-of-tech compared to others, he believes that this is what a true 'Albavian' would use in the fight for freedom. Ironically, he keeps a firearm handy for more dangerous scenarios. Style of fighting: Conservative. He waits for them to strike first. Others Occupation: Explorer and Adventurer Current home: His ship Favorite types of food: Fruit, crackers, birdfood Favorite types of drink: Any sort of juice Hobbies/past times: When taking a break from exploring, he likes to either take out a book and read, or eat a lot of crackers. Either one. Guilty pleasures: When alone, he finds himself shouting out would-be mottos for Albavia. He really just likes the concept too much. Pet peeves: Disrespectful People Pets: None Talents: Can scale pretty much just about anything, why not Favorite colours: Light Red Favorite type of music: He has hardly any preference- he'll go along with what everybody else is listening to   Another character. Whoop-te-doo. Maybe I'll RP here for once. Long live Albavia, my  fictional country, totally not just Albania avian-ized.
  5. Wonders if he should make an evil character to have some variety.

  6. Loo's Spriting Post of 8/19/16.

    These are actually pretty cool to look at. Nice!
  7. Should probably get on the server more often.

  8. //A small banner ad would appear on the screen//

    //User 'NanduRider' posts// As long as it does what it's supposed to do! That's what really matters. Maybe I'll stop by, if I have the time.
  9. i hate those bookworms

    1. Doctor Charcoal

      "Okay, bookworm! Now you're really starting to annoy me! Get back to your cell before I turn you into a... chipmunk!" *zaps away*

  10. I'm so used to seeing Perry with sunglasses, it's weird seeing his eyes.

  11. It's High Noon in Rio

    Now we just have to see how good Junkrat would be in Lucioball *evil hand rub* YES! YEEEEEESSSS!
  12. Concurrent Timelines

    Maybe some sort of extended event that took place in the past? It would be cool to live in an era such of that of the war, or something along those lines. But  I imagine many people also agree that to have two separate timelines at the same time, or even going as far as to remove the current timeline, would be unfavorable.
  13. Today I: Bought a drink for Faravier bar, and helped some newbie with /group controls. Hooray! I'm actually doing something!

  14. RP Hiatus till server stabilizes

    Thanks Ghost