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  1. Bring descriptions back

    I removed them a while ago not only because of the lack of use, but with a number of issues associated with it. Security Starbound provides no way to access player UUIDs from the command scripting environment. All you have access to there is the player name, and the player's client Id (Basically the order at which you logged into the server). If I chose to store the descriptions based on client Id, they'd be reset on server kicks and whatnot. If I chose to store them by name, anybody could just make a character the same name as you, or even /nick to you, and edit your description. When I made the system at the time, I got around this by creating accounts; when you logged into an account, it'd link your client Id to the account (so only you can access it, and you have to login each server reboot), and store all your player descriptions by name inside the account. Aside from it complex, the main reason the commands (and the whole login system, really) was pulled from the server was due to the fact that the account logins were stored as plaintext. Anyone who managed to sneak into putty, or was super clever starbound side, could potentially access all the passwords and account names. Config Bloat Though not as major as the security issue, all the data was stored in the starbound config. Even with a few registrations, the file became huge; for the sake of my own sanity it wasn't really worth it. ALTHOUGH Player descriptions still exist within the player file, and can be read by most lua scripts. You can test this out on yourself by hovering over a close object and typing: /entityeval return world.entityDescription(world.playerQuery(entity.position(), 100, {order = "nearest"})[1]) Should come up with the generic "This guy seems to have nothing to say for himself." after running it. If I have time, I'll likely add a feature to read off the player descriptions in the upcoming mod update. Edit: Oh, and to edit the description just export your character to JSON in starcheat, and search for "This guy seems to have nothing to say for himself."
  2. The Edgelord is no more

    You'll need a degree or qualification for this job offer, sir.
  3. Stefan Starblight

    20 is fine; 200+ year old characters aren't even allowed, last I checked.
  4. V.CAS

    Edited. @WowGain
  5. V.CAS

    Name: Venadorian Contained Armor System (V.CAS) Description: Black, carbon fiber-esque bodysuit, surrounded by ceramic plating of a generally white or black colour. Abilities: Capable of monitoring the user's heart rate and body temperature, and maintaining a constant internal temperature of 19c/66f between ambient temperatures of -150c/-238f to 300c/572f, or in a vacuum. Moderately resistant to thermal weaponry. Helmet is able to filter out virtually all contaminants when the user is not using the internal air supply. Bodysuit alone is capable of maintaining EVA capability given that the helmet and an air supply are connected. Electromagnets located in wrists of the bodysuit allow the wearer to manipulate light, ferromagnetic objects, and/or cling to magnetic surfaces given there is no/little gravity. Ceramic plating and visor can withstand large amounts of small arms fire without damage to the suit itself, and is able to protect the user from a decent amount of medium weaponry before compromising. Heavy weapons tend to not penetrate, but often shatter entire plates of the suit on contact to leave a significant portion of the user exposed. Bodysuit is slash proof; capable of resisting most cutting weapons that are not of plasma nature. Conditional Abilities: Visor relays suit information and radio to the user. Visor has small shudders on the outside that can imitate the user's expression inside the suit, and/or shield the eyes. Visor can tint from virtually transparent to completely opaque. Joints can be entirely stiffened and locked it place. Suit is entirely soundproofed. Hammerspace module for oxygen intake/outtake. Magnetic mounts for weapons on either side of the hip, and back. Limitations: Bodysuit provides effectively zero protection against impact trauma/blunt weapons. Bodysuit is slash proof, but punctures easily. Ceramic plating tends to shatter completely when compromised. This can leave entire sections of the user's body exposed when broken. Motors and servos used to support the weight of the suit are vulnerable to EMPs. How does it work: Plating is composed of either Silicon Carbide, Titanium Carbide, or Boron Carbide. Bodysuit is composed of an intermediate layer of braided carbon nanotubes, surrounded by graphene on either side. Referenced technologies: Attainability: Semi-Closed (Available through in-character request, and faction (Upon release). Possibly for public sale in the future.) Tags: [Military] Category: Wearable.  
  6. Lata

    I didn't know break was synonymous with ban.
  7. hi im new andead

    This is a cloning application; a skill list is required now.
  8. Profiles give HTTP 500

    @Kixur Getting the same thing on my end; my profile is working, though.
  9. An apology.

    If I miss anything or forget to clarify anything, just drop a comment and I'll be happy to answer. I'm sure pretty much everyone knows at this point, but a few weeks ago I had an incident where I pulled the command mod and player list fix from the server. At the time, I had little to no consideration for the repercussions of my actions, and ended up adversely affecting roleplay for around a week. I really can't express how much I regret my actions at that time; my mind was cluttered, and I ended up lashing out really, really badly. I felt my reasons were justified at the time, but looking back on everything that went down I've been trying my best to stay levelled headed and approach situations as calmly as I can. I'd also like to apologise for little outbursts I've had in the past, too; I won't mention names for the sake of privacy (And if the people in question would like a private or public apology for them in particular, I'll be more than happy to oblige), but I'm beyond regretful for what I said and/or did. If you'd like me to make it up to you shoot me a message, I'd love to. I'm not really good at apologies, but all I can really do is hope this suffices. I'll be doing my best to make it up to you all as time goes on, so if I say anything at all that hurts you in any way, please tell me. I've never wanted to hurt GC, or the people who are apart of it, so looking back on what I decided to do appalls me. I'm not expecting any of you to forgive me for what I did, but I'm sorry. Hopefully we can all get along again. I'm not going to remove any joke posts, but it'd be very appreciated if you guys could keep comments at least somewhat serious; good or bad.
  10. (( Hidden above posts as per request; please send enquiries and questions to @Hjalmar though PMs from here on out to prevent clutter. ))
  11. So let's talk about last night.

    Big, big, big picture dump, second spoiler would be the most important context-wise. Before you do read though, I'd like to make a special note for a few people: @Hjalmar, @Shay, @PrivateNomad, @Elsie, @Nick McMuffin (Edit: And @Quwilly, thanks for taking the time to talk to me); Either for actually reading what I was saying and helping to explain, coming to me on their own accord to try and understand what was happening, or helping me through this in general. Some posts below show otherwise, but I hold no ill-will towards you for them whatsoever. General Chat: Spoiler   Staff Chat: Spoiler And here is said PM: (Images from that PM and status for easy access) Going to try keep this as organised as I can, apologies if my lack of sleep makes things messy in any way. (I'll probably edit out spelling errors/grammar when I'm more awake) To Drakkar I get that it may have seen good as a little test at the time, but like I said to staff and others, it was in no way an ethical, reasonable, or otherwise rational way to go about proving your 'point'. I've always done my best to abide closely to rules (and yes, I have screwed up on occasion; guess what, I'm a human too. Who would have known), and have mentioned many times, in staff chat, and in public chat, for people to call me out if what I say is deemable as rude, pretentious, or offensive in anyway; I'm more than willing to give out apologies to anyone who asks. However, trying to see how I would react to this by actively turning the server against me, with full knowledge something like this would happen, is absolutely sickening; an apology and/or explanation isn't nearly sufficient to undo your 'test'. In combination with recent events, I don't think I've ever felt so unwelcome, hated, and misrepresented as a member, let alone a staff member of this community. If I wasn't so upset and aggravated, I'd probably be crying right now. Rules wise, you should know better, regardless of if you decided to quiz me on enforcement procedures afterward, that letting in a banned member with no staff consensus, enforcement team or otherwise, is an abhorrent breach of server rules that you too should be enforcing. Construing it to be some kind of sick, twisted, fucked up examination is far from an acceptable excuse for going against server policy. To the Community I'll try keep this short, since I'd rather not generalise everyone. To those who ignored what I said, did not bother to question me privately, and more or less boarded shit-talk express, please; I have rules I need to follow. I explained those rules elaborately, only to have personal insults thrown my way, and the conversation wiggle around any point I tried to make. Nobody, staff or otherwise, should have to go through needless hate because of some herd mentality that has no objective other than to shit on whoever is the easier to point and laugh at at the time. It feels horrible; it's a horrible thing to do, and to all who actively partake in it with full knowledge, you should feel horrible for doing it.
  12. Praise Haydee

    Are you going to leave for ice-cream again rick
  13. Praise Haydee

    Obligatory summoning post.
  14. *Poke*

    I'm at it again

    And what's the discord link? I can't find it- shit. Found it. Someone shoot me.