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  1. "I have no idea where anything is. I have no idea what anything does. This is not merely a madhouse designed by a madman, but a madhouse designed by many madmen, each with an intense hatred for the previous madman's unique flavour of madness." -Andreus, on FailCannon.

  2. //how is prangent formed//

    // Backspace replies to this comment. // Pay me and I'll do it for free
  3. //how is prangent formed//

    // User backspace gives the same answer to each and every one. // Yes
  4. Undercrypt Minicampaign: Eldssmith

    (( Character Name: Fernfearer Discord ID: Capslock#4570 Character Skills: Shooting, wilderness survival Character Experience with UC/Adventuring: 2nd Undercrypt campaign and Wayfarers Why you?: Why not Experience with the Undercrypt, also every team needs a Floran on it. ))
  5. Looking for DOTA 2 players

    i will if i can play mid riki every game

    // TCissa@nexmail.nex sends a reply. // No.
  7. // Club SOLUS Introduces VR Game: SHATTERSTONE \\

    (( Edited the post. ))
  8. // Club SOLUS Introduces VR Game: SHATTERSTONE \\

    (( More points to just one person instead of it being spread between the two people in a team is my reasoning. ))
  9. // Club SOLUS Introduces VR Game: SHATTERSTONE \\

    // User TWW replies to this comment, with a picture. The picture shows someone with the name TAL who stole 2nd, with 11000 points. //
  10. Earthfall was in 3242 in our lore. Ricky would have been born 18 years after it, so he definitely couldn't have just missed it as you described in his bio.
  11. // Green Current Breweries //

    // An order is placed. // Full Name: Thalass CissaOrders (Brew/Drink + Amount in bottles, crates and/or barrels): 3281 Lofton Meadows Eggshoot Wine, 2Address: Ardus Penthouse 4-B, Haven District, HavenSpecial wishes (packed as present or similar – you can be creative!): N/A
  12. Nebula

    Pretty sure this needs an app, I haven't seen one for it but if it has been made please link it to me.
  13. I return (?)

    Welcome back to hell.
  14. // CUBE //

    // User backspace purchases the game. After the required 1 hour of gameplay, they leave a meme review of a recipe for muffins. // // In the comments, they posted "Game wasn't good enough to make a real review, it actually sucks" //
  15. I can't access my profile page :/

    That's a problem with the forum software. @Kixur is working on it.