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  1. SO, are we for official starbound yet?

    wait, what about the "special roleplay mod"? how will you have that?  
  2. SO, are we for official starbound yet?

    GR8! I CAN MAKE A COMEBACK! Same way in as before?  
  3. SO, are we for official starbound yet?

    HI all, me here i just wanted to ask whether we are on the the official starbound yet.
  4. 1.1 is here!!! hurry with the updating....

    still don't really care, you guys are behind on updating, less people will play you know, i just really love GC butif you don't update, "we're doomed"
  5. 1.1 is here!!! hurry with the updating....

    also, until you work out the bugs I will be on orions edge, bye!
  6. if you didn't already know, 1.1 is out, please fix these bugs with the server, 1.1 is awesome and hopefully we will be updating soon. and also, the new story is killer! so if you could work that into it, that would be awesome! so UPDATE ALREADY!!!!!! -TechnoVamp
  7. The Children of Zerion | Resurgence

    okay, due to starbound becoming whole, enderflame is gone BUT i have a new guy!
  8. The Children of Zerion | Resurgence

    (i'm back bitches!, just kinding, hello, enderflame is back)
  9. The Galactic Rangers

    //transmission opens// and why is that, huh? because of the name? we both want to protect the fringe. //transmission ends//
  10. The Galactic Rangers

    //reply to the  reply to the reply// fine, what makes them thugs? //transmission ends//
  11. The Galactic Rangers

    //reply from the reply// we have been working with you t try and fix Canada! //transmission ends//
  12. The Galactic Rangers

    //transmission opens// Name: enderflame Age:  not sure... Race: novakid Gender: male Skill/Position desired: soldier, engineer, practically anything to help people and make a difference Any existing alliances: CoZ Reason for joining: I am apart of CoZ for a reason, to help the fringe and protect people, every day something bad happens, and just look at Canada! so that's the reason I am CoZ, but I want to help more! make it safer, it's my home, your home, millions of peoples home! and I want to join you so I can really make a difference. so that's why I want to be a ranger, to help people and the fringe. ((P.S. don't worry about spark anymore he is dead now)) //transmission ends//
  13. The Children of Zerion | Resurgence

    //transmission opens// *reads through the guild page on ship* oh! this is on? *shows novakid sitting down on chair* I would like to join if that's all right?
  14. my application

    Forum name: TechnoVamp99 Age: sorry, don't want to say! Country/Timezone: Australia, mate! Why do you want to be Staff?: Because it looks awesome! you guys have helped make this epic server! I just want to be apart of that What skills can you bring to the staff team?: anything you ask! although, it would be  cool if we could add  a few mods on, just saying! that's what I could do.... What area(s) would you be most interested in helping assist with (if you have more than one preference, list in order of highest preference to lowest)?": informing community, moderating server, possibly mod the server or not(I not refer to first two).  Have you had prior experience moderating/staffing an online community?: no If yes, where? What were your responsibilities?: N/A As staff, it is crucial to be visible to the public, on the Forums, in Forum Chat, and even through TeamSpeak. Though it is not mandatory to be on all three all the time, do you agree to be as active as possible through these means?: YES!!! For better interaction with our users on the Galaxy Citizen TeamSpeak server, it is recommended that you use a good microphone. Do you possess a microphone (If you do not have a microphone, it will NOT affect your chances for being on Staff)?: no I don't have a microphone Galaxy Citizen Character name: Enderflame What do you like about this community?: the creativity, all of it, when I get home I want to play it, everywhere I want to play it, I love every aspect of this community!
  15. The Galactic Rangers

    ((don't worry, spark is dead now))