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  1. // Al-Dhaid Masquerade Event \\

    //Skippedlegday replies:// Someone seems very excited. Haha.
  2. //Floran Drone.mp4//

    //Skippedlegday replies:// See you there. 
  3. //Odd Signal Detected\\

    Character Name: Ralai'HakorDiscord ID:  Yz#5702Purpose: Heard stories of Hyperia, and was interested in the conflict regarding them. A point of interest for him. Nothing to obsess over. Just something to put on a bucket list. Learning more about it. And upon discovering the signal, decided to follow it.Consent: Yes to everything.
  4. //Floran Drone.mp4//

    //Reply:// wanting to intentionally see what it's like to be a Floran is like someone shooting themself in the head to see what it feels like
  5. //Floran Drone.mp4//

    //User Skippedlegday replies:// why would you want to be one of these things on purpose wtf  
  6. Chinaut RP guide

    Movement and body language Chinauts tend to stay perfectly still when talking or idle, only their antenna moving around. When they turn around or move their limbs, their movements are jerky, fast and abrupt. Their knees are usually bent, and it is normally both impractical and pointless for a Chinaut to draw themselves up to their full height. Chinauts keep their upper arms hidden under loose clothing. As a species with biological weapons, taking them out in public is usually seen as a sign of wanting to fight. It is looked down upon to walk around with them exposed in most parts. Chinauts do not swing their arms around when walking. They usually have their lower arms out, and wear loose clothing (Such as robes) that do not obstruct their movement. Their breathing holes are usually exposed and not covered by robes.   Expressing emotion Happiness/Anticipation- Shown by rubbing their lower arms together. Sadness/Shame- Antenna droop, will usually turn away or cover their heads with their lower arms. Anger/Disgust- Mouthparts will gnash together, or their upper claws will scrape against each other. When angered to the point of aggression, a Chinaut will raise their upper arms. To them, the raising of arms is seen as a threat. They may occasionally see people trying to surrender as a challenge to fight bare-handed. Fear- Freeze up, with their heads turning to face whatever they are afraid of. Some may stand up straight in an attempt to look bigger. Affection- Rubbing antenna. Due to their biology, Chinauts do not kiss or hug. Rubbing antenna with someone is the only way they know of to express romantic affection. Common actions Eating- Chinauts eat meat. Meatballs are the common, go-to food. They usually eat meat cuts that can be held up to their face with the mandibles. Such as solid chunks of meat. Raw and cooked are fine. Eating live animals such as fishes are fine too. Drinking- Chinauts are much more sensitive to chemicals like caffeine and alcohol. They tend to drink from fruits, chewing on large sponge-like fruits that are mostly water, or dipped in coffee. They do not drink from cups or straws. Crunching ice is alright. Sleeping- Chinauts lie on their backs to sleep, upper arms crossed over their breathing holes and lower arms crossed over the base of the thorax/torso Walking/running- Chinauts usually move their arms behind them while walking. They don't run so much as make small leaps with their feet. Essentially, they naruto-run. Being hurt- Chinauts tend to recoil once hurt. Punching them usually does not cause much harm. But sharp objects in between their chitin plates will cause them to leap back or pull away.  Death- When killed, Chinauts freeze up, their chitin plates locking in place. They usually fall on their backs, all six limbs up in the air. Nodding/Shaking heads- Chinauts do not do this. Instead of nodding, their antennae wiggle back and forth vigorously, and instead of shaking, they click their pincers together. Greetings and farewells- Chinauts do not wave. They simply lift up their hands in greeting and farewell. Laughing- Chinauts just sorta chitter when they laugh, their heads bobbing. The sound of their laughter doesn't get translated.
  7. Basically, what kickstarted this scenario is that @R.Y.A.N.'s character, Carl Semky, was fired from the guard and refused to give back the guard badge. The following happened. Attempt at tracking failed. Alright. But what happened next was that Carl Semky began chatting in a Nexus chatroom. Which clearly would give a new way to find him. Through tracking his IP or whatever ships use to connect to the nexus. He then began to make claims that his ship was just 'better'. That no matter what we did, we'd fail because his was better. And offered no explanation whatsoever on how his anti-tracking worked, apart from it being 'better'. He then refused to discuss the issue or back down. Or even give a logcial explanation. Apart from this asspulling and godmoding, he metagamed as well, having Carl realize that he was being tracked despite the fact that there's not really a way to tell that you're being traced. Again attributed to his ship being 'better'. @Kappa, reading the messages, replied with the questions that Khaos stated in the below screenshot.  As well as having this to say.   To sum it up, I find that Ryan's actions should be addressed by staff, since he's oh so reluctant to discuss how exactly his magical nexus blocker works. And that his refusal to discuss it properly and his claims of 'no u' be addressed as well. Not possessing basic reasoning skills and refusing to discuss it properly. Several people can vouch for me below. Those who've seen it.  
  8. Report on R.Y.A.N for Godmoding, asspulling and metagaming.

    Jesus Christ I'm going to get a stroke talking to you  You did not describe his shit. If you refuse to void the tracking, then I'm not going to be willing to void that he took the badge. Which is supported by what you wrote and what you neglected to write. 
  9. Report on R.Y.A.N for Godmoding, asspulling and metagaming.

    No. What you're demanding is that you want Carl to have been chased, but you want to remove the reason for him being chased. It's one or the other. If you want the badge to have been there, any tracking will be voided. If you want them to have tracked him, then they would have if he stole a badge. 
  10. Report on R.Y.A.N for Godmoding, asspulling and metagaming.

    If Carl's stuff is retconned to be where it's supposed to be, then I'm going to ask that all RP regarding tracking him be voided since the guard has no reason to do so. Aside from that, I'm fine with the resolution. 
  11. Report on R.Y.A.N for Godmoding, asspulling and metagaming.

    How it actually did go was Carl refusing to hand over the badge. Yes. I do accept that. Thank you.
  12. Report on R.Y.A.N for Godmoding, asspulling and metagaming.

    I don't wish to accept that it's in there. From just looking at the raw RP logs and with no context, having it be there suddenly would just be retconning it.
  13. Report on R.Y.A.N for Godmoding, asspulling and metagaming.

    Vehemently refusing to.
  14. Report on R.Y.A.N for Godmoding, asspulling and metagaming.

    It's also common sense, and what any normal person would do, to just say 'Yeah uh it's in my uniform already' when asked to return it.
  15. // CivNews BREAKING - Sol War Lost //

    //User J.Moore replies:// Indeed. Let's all hope this thing stays far away from all of us.
  16. Report on R.Y.A.N for Godmoding, asspulling and metagaming.

    Not convincing.
  17. Report on R.Y.A.N for Godmoding, asspulling and metagaming.

    You abruptly ended the Ic chat. You never stated that it was with your uniform. When requested to return it IC, you said:   "I rather not. If you expect me to do a course for this shit, You can fuck off pal. I've been a staff sergeant in the USCM, Proper missions done, Like i said. Learn to brief your staff asshole." A simple "It's in my uniform." would have sufficed. You seem to again be trying to retcon it and asspull it being there. Either that, or it was a genuine communication error you could have mentioned OOC at that point in the conversation yet failed to do so. 
  18. Report on R.Y.A.N for Godmoding, asspulling and metagaming.

    Ryan is now trying to twist things, to make it so that the guard has no reason to chase Semky. He's trying to retcon things through OOC lies.    As you can see, he's now making it out as Carl having done as requested, to remove the guards justification for going after him. Trying to influence IC interactions by lying about things OOC.
  19. Report on R.Y.A.N for Godmoding, asspulling and metagaming.

    @Kixur Before you lock this, gotta add one more piece to the report.
  20. Report on R.Y.A.N for Godmoding, asspulling and metagaming.

    Yes. For no real good IC reason, since he probably wouldn't be able to tell that he was being tracked. Another case of metagaming.
  21. //"Protector" Crowebar//

    //EBS-7 leaves a link where Gnengniegor can pay him the 100 pixels. A picture of T5 in a cell is sent.//
  22. //"Protector" Crowebar//

    ((Yes you can. Do it in the discord.))
  23. //"Protector" Crowebar//

    //EBS-7 replies:// If you feel this way, and have indeed committed as many crimes as you made yourself out to have, please turn yourself in at the nearest Haven police station. Thank you.