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  1. // Little Joe's closed //

    //Reply from Lange// Thank you for that falsified statement. I did not destroy that apartment, it was attacked by someone else. If you have forgotten the facts, please consult the case file I bet the guard has on it.
  2. // Little Joe's closed //

    //Lange replies.// This is exactly why I moved out. Rise in crime, viruses, and now businesses are beginning to suspend service or close. The Fall claims another.  
  3. //Odd Signal Detected\\

    ((Correction - Semi-NPC'd.))
  4. //Odd Signal Detected\\

    Character Name: Lange Avalice Discord ID: Lange#0388Purpose: Investigating the Hyperian signal, as it relates to him. Vagobot/Hyperian, he believes something related to him may be there.Consent: With Haven being closed off to him, I'm basically fucked server-wise anyway so yeah, full consent.
  5. Shin'kali Q&A and Information Thread

    Recently because of the Solus post, I have another synth-related question. If synths/androids ingest infected liquids or bathe in them, does it affect them?
  6. d3ers return

    Dude already memes Tyler the Creator and has Ethan for a picture.  Dis gun be good guy. 
  7. // Club SOLUS Introduces VR Game: SHATTERSTONE \\

    //Lange leaves a review - 10/10// Brilliant game to play with friends, it's almost addicting. I can see why it caught on fast in Kamdor, this thing is a blast with friends. Just don't accidentally kill your teammates. 
  8. Release: Ms.Gyroscope - KALEIDOSCOPE

    Digging it so far. 
  9. //"Protector" Crowebar//

    //Lange Avalice replies to this comment and also likes Rope_Man37's post.// Made me do a spit-take when I read this earlier, lol. Thanks, Gary. 
  10. Lange's Winter Chateau

    What he said. IC'ly kitchen shit is behind the in-house bar because starbound's excuse for kitchen objects and sprites is so horrifically bad it doesn't match with anything. 
  11. Lange's Winter Chateau

    Special thanks to @ZachChase, @TrIpTiCuS and @EPS-Reborn for the help!
  12. How Cloning Should Be Treated

    I like the idea of that, and this actually pertains into another scenario that is actually played out already: Organic-to-Android conversion. I've roleplayed several scenarios in recent years where organic-android conversion is treated as a last-resort option that no one wants to ever do. For example, something recent that happened with the "Abel Ryker" character. Loner burned him to a crisp to a point where Ryker's only remaining option to stay alive was to give up his organic, human form and become an android, therefore stripping him of his humanity. I really feel as if cloning should be the same way with organic life, since they would be in an entirely different body.
  13. // A Perhaps Not So Welcome Return //

    //User LAvalice replies.// Seems all the ghosts are coming out of the woodwork now. Welcome back from the dead. //End//
  14. //Lange's Logs - 7//

    //This one would be typed out, rather than a normal recording. A link to some funky music would be provided as to set the mood.// "June 7th, 3284." "Things have been a roller-coaster as of late. What with the Haven Government thinking of me and Lost as terrorists more than vigilantes, we've decided to start the process of moving out of Haven and building our own homes so that we can live in peace, in civilized space. It appears some people just can't stop holding onto the past. However..." "Since then, things have been looking up. Lost [ @EPS-Reborn ] has been at my side for a while now, and we support each other. It seems we both found love, as he started dating Nastia recently and...well, as for me? I found a true soulmate, one that I wouldn't trade for anything else. We ran off and got eloped together, and her name is now Polyima Avalice [ @ZachChase ]. I swear- this girl was a literal angel sent by the stars. She really gets me on an emotional, physical, technical and- even on a spiritual level. We really understand each other, and I'm glad I found someone that can really make me truly happy. Polyima, when you read this, I love you. You're the best thing to ever happen to me, and I'm a better man because of it. I'm glad I married you." "As for all the fighting and whatnot, I'm swearing off of it and hanging up my sword metaphorically. The only other time I'm going to fight now is if self-defense is needed or my family is in danger. My life is my family now, and I want to give them the best options possible. Harris, Lost, Polyima, and our soon-to-be addition, Amber. Amber is going to take a lot of time to code her AI from scratch, but it'll be so unbelievably worth it. She'll be my perfect little girl, and Harris's little sister. I think he's pretty excited, since he was on board with the idea." "I feel as if a new chapter of my life starts now, and I'm glad it happened. Fate is a beautiful thing." //End post. A space for comments would be made.//  

    //Lange replies.// I met this dog a couple days ago. He's such a good boy, makes me want a dog.