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  1. /// The Atlas Corporation. ///

    //Name: Doctor Anne Glaus //Race: Human //Age: 28 //Strengths: Twelve years of medical experience. Drive to help and heal the injured. Constantly updated medical knowledge through near constant studies of various species, through book work and physical experience. //Preferred Career Path: Medical. //Affiliation with any other organizations: N/A //Additional notes: Previous Work: Combat Medic, Children of Zerion Lead Doctor, Independent Physician.
  2. I drew my character + Requests (PART 2)

    @GlitchTheFox That's awesome! Thanks so much!
  3. I drew my character + Requests (PART 2)

    Name: Rin General Personality: Traditional, soft-spoken, analytical, calm. Pose: Nothing specific Reference Photos: 
  4. Naroma the Seeker

    General Information First name: Naroma Middle name(s): Zarzsen Surname: Hetarish ((Long since abandoned her last name)) Age: 26 Race: Human. Gender: Female Sexuality: Heterosexual Current residence: Her star-ship Relationship status: Single Social status: Upper-Middle Traits of Voice Accent (if any): Received Pronunciation English Accent Language spoken: Common (English) Other languages known: None Style of speaking: She likes to keep sentences clean and understandable, usually avoiding any slang. Volume of voice: Low-Medium (4/10) Physical Appearance Height: 5'9 Weight: 128 Lbs Eye colour: Milky blue, her pupils are not visible. Skin colour: Light peach Shape of face: Diamond Build of body: Lithe, not very muscular although she is fit Hair colour: White Hair style: Long, straight Complexion: Fair Posture: Upright Tattoos: Left arm [x], Right arm [x] Piercings: None Typical clothing: Black robes Is seen by others as: Those who are from Nathemai see her as a guide and protector. Mysterious, curious, inquisitive, maybe even a bother to others. Personality Likes: Dislikes: Education: Fears: Personal goals: General attitude: Religious values: General intelligence: General sociability: Health Illnesses (if any): N/A Allergies (if any): N/A Sleeping habits: Regular sleeping habits Energy level: Above average (6/10) Eating habits: Regular eating habits Memory: Excellent (8/10) Any unhealthy habits: N/A Origin Home Planet: Nathemai Hometown: Aluk xa Zer'sa (Al-uhk zah Zuhr-sah) Past places of residence: Naroma's starship Relationships Parents: Kar Zarszen Hetarish (Father), Nokla Zarszen Hetarish (Mother) Siblings: None Any enemies (and why): N/A Children: N/A Friends: N/A Best friend(s): N/A Important friends/relatives (explain): Nokdra'naroma - Naroma's name comes from this distant relative Love interest (if there is one): N/A Combat Peaceful or violent: Peaceful but because her blindfold makes anything but hand to hand or melee combat difficult Weapon (if applicable): A single dagger. Style of fighting: Close any gap and end the fight swiftly, non-lethally if she can do so. Unless she and her people see you as an 'abomination', then you'll go for the lethal option. Others Occupation: Nathemai Seeker Current home: Naroma's starship Favourite types of food: Tomato soup Favourite types of drink: Apple juice Hobbies/past times: Studying and interacting with those not from Nathemai Guilty pleasures: Pet peeves: Pets: N/A Favourite type of music: 
  5. summary of one of your characters in one image

    Naroma the Seeker
  6. Seeker's Blindfold

    Done. Added 20/10 to conditional abilities and 20/40 to conditional limitations.
  7. Seeker's Blindfold

    20/40 when moving about and probably 20/10 when focusing on something specific and not moving. And by the time you read this, it'll probably have been edited to be Semi-Closed. I mean unless you read it within 2 seconds of me posting.
  8. Seeker's Blindfold

    No clue what that even is. I played WoW for twenty levels to get a hero skin for hearthstone. That's about my knowledge of "Demon Hunter Sight" from WoW, so basically nothing. Just a coincidence it seems. I just did a quick google search and this is what I found. (Those links go to other links on this wikia page for wow I just looked at. Too lazy to remove.) Anyways. It seems like its sorta similar? I guess? They ritually blind themselves with a claw then get vision magically? I guess? I mean they don't see demons and all that though.. they just can see things to a lesser extent that what a normal human can see. Mostly all symbolical, it doesn't make them see demons and things, just more detail sometimes and a lot less details other times.
  9. Seeker's Blindfold

    Edited and fixed  
  10. Banned Mods

    So by creative mod you mean that one that adds boxes that you can spawn everything in from, right? Because I have a creative mod that doesnt make me place down some stupid little box to spawn shit in. I just open my crafting menu and all the shit is right there and ready to craft. That's ok right?
  12. Faction NPCs Poll

  13. Seeker's Blindfold

    Name: Seeker's Blindfold Description: Thin, non-bulky durasteel housing shaped to match the users face. Usually having ornate designs according to the users specifications. Worn over the front of the face, usually only taking up the eye sockets, eyes, and temples of the head. Abilities: Grants a blind (Only if blind through eye damage, does not work if the areas of the brain that process vision are damaged) individual 180 degree sight (Slightly worse than normal human's peripheral vision). Great detail can be shown up to 200 meters away with everything after being very basic. Conditional abilities (optional): When stood still a decent amount of detail will be shown. When focusing in on something a greater amount of detail on an object will be shown, 20/10 vision. A whole 6 foot individual could all be looked at at once if the user focuses in on them. The cameras used can be toggled on and off allowed for color or simply the imaged made by the radio waves bouncing and returning to the device. Limitations: If EMP'd the user will go completely blind, the blindfold also happens to be easily damaged. Hitting the device with a moderate punch will break it and simply touching it can make the users pseudo-vision blur out and even cause headaches for the users. These headaches can range from moderate to migraine level headaches depending on how much the device is touched/tapped in short periods of time. Those who know the radio frequency that these devices operate on to give vision can also set their radios to said frequency to interfere with the users vision. The cameras used give limited color, they do not pick up pink (Any form of pink, once it starts to be come more of a red or more of a white, they can see it. Conditional limitations (optional):   If the user is moving the things they see will be less detailed, 20/40 vision, and focusing in on one certain object is impossible. How does it work:  The device requires the user to have a small port on each of their temples where the device will insert itself. These ports connect areas of the brain that collect and process visual information. The device itself uses a sort of electronic echolocation, the echolocation sends out radio waves, a radio frequency of 172.22893 GHz (172,228,930 kHz), combined with small cameras fitted into the front of the housing of the blindfold that send this information back through the ports and to the brain in a form that the brain can process. Flavor text: The device was made for a very small group of individuals, normally only one or two existing at a time, called Seekers. Seekers are those that carry a flame with that and are tasked with protecting that flame and keeping that flame alight. The final ritual one must go through to become a Seeker is one of self-sacrifice. An individual must be willing to give up full sight by staring directly into a fire-pit, a fire pit they are to keep alight at all times. The individual must stare into the fire-pit until eyesight is mostly lost, mostly due to the smoke damaging the eyes, those truly committed stare until they are completely blinded. After doing so, they are given the Seeker's Blindfold which grants them back some of their vision and shows to those around them that they are Seekers. Seekers are respected amongst the communities they come from as beacons of hope, a place to go for help, security, and safety. Attainability: [Semi-Closed] Available to a character I happen to be creating and then characters who take the steps to be a Seeker afterwards. Tags: [Civilian]
  14. // A plea for help //

    //User "Eighty-Eight" Responds// I'm willing to lend an ear and help in any way I can. Free of charge, not in an attempt to steal business from the kind user before me.. but people's mental well being is important to myself and my associates. If you'd like to contact me go ahead and send a personal message my way and we can set up some sort of meeting. If you've gone with another to ease your mental stress, let me know and good luck. //End Response//