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  1. Right. So be it then. No fuck ups were made by them to avoid bad rep. (Might have worded it wrongly.)
  2. Considering to others it was diffrent bit iz fine now. Carl used a PDA anyways. Aside that. It was a chat room. Not a radio frequency. Edit: Also a other admin agreed to someone elses statement that did seem to know how radio and television works. But it got removed because of one cuss word. But i think this can be locked?
  3. I long ago did describe he left his shit, yet you guys chase after him. I am not demanding anything as i told you i dont really care. If you dont want havens reputation to be weirded out. Then you're free to avoid his chase. But i am not going to avoid the 'attempt' of chase. But i think we should call it ends.
  4. Then just quit the manhunt icly. It did happen despite what was said. Unless its for the reputation of haven? not that i care so much.
  5. Sure. I can agree to that. Happy this over.
  6. I am standing my ground. I am not going along the lines. Carl in advance is already with the USCM dividion in ICIF.
  7.  Nah. Some stuff was icly going down and they requested carl to do a 3 weeks team building and leadership which he refused twice.  
  8.   Ps: read my ic message carefully. It was directed to the 3 week team building course. Thats what i refrused. As you can see. Carl replied to the course thing. Which he denied first by request and then replied to the message in person to nake it somewhat more formal and mature in the situation. And not to the badge.
  9. No. Like i said. We timed our messages wrong. You dont even show what you said before. Which i refused to. I didnt say i refuse to hand over my badge. You didnt allow me finishing my actions. You should've seen i was writing. And you didn'tand posted. And on that time i did post too. Exact same goes for the nexus chat which was spiralling out of control. No time given for me to properly reply. Or defend my case. Ps: read my ic message carefully. It was directed to the 3 week team building course. Thats what i refrused.
  10. Sorry. The quote wont go away. Aside that i refruse to go along that. He did leave his stuff along his gear. Java icly was told Carl was going to resign to begin with. I have been saying i dont have it because i dont. Not to avoid jack shit. And you got survailence proof. Without even checking after and asking me what you found. Not going to do this just to satisfy your needs. Without any offense given. He did that. Thats that. I am not going to alter my roleplay since i got far too into it. Just accept how it actually went. Eitherway i am too sick right now to even continue this.
  11. You looked after it. You saw the survailence and asked after. Aside that our messages were definitly timed wrong. 
  12. Isnt it common sense to check after if he even did left it? It would've been obvious for me.
  13. I put that as in survailence perspective. Not in person. If you were curious. You shouldve checked ahead.
  14. Because i did bud. Check the discord barracks chat. Carl handed over his shit and is icly inside the barracks. You never allowed me to finish properly in our chat. When i was talking it seemed i disagreed with handing over my stuff. But i long done it if you track back when i ditched my uniform inside the barracks chat. You literally should check that out to see if my crap is inside the uniform.     Ps: its not cool to remove evidence from other people interveined with this. Whoever thats doing.
  15. Never said i was better. I was trying to reason. And its hard when others shit post over and over to mess up what i mean. Never said i was better. And even gave a option they are both parties equally good. I wasn't rude. Or being trolly.