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  1. // Mael Radec - Q&A //

    //AnonTheShadedGentleman asks// What is the greatest threat to Haven's peace and why is climbing trees illegal?
  2. Praise Haydee

    Fake news.
  3. Event Idea: Small World

    So just a quick idea dump here, see if anyone would actually be interested. Basically it'd be a science institute that's developed size manipulation technology, players/characters would get caught up in various shenanigans and ultimately end up deciding what ends up happening with the technology. Maybe one of the scientists tests it out on a group and they need to figure out a way to return to normal size? Or they have to break into somewhere?  Figure you could use a planet to simulate the world after having shrunk or whatever, like as a normal sized character it's just a regular room but when you interact with the device it beams you somewhere and the objects are just scaled up. So you could be walking along a huge table with every day objects being obstacles to traverse.  Any interest? Also would such a thing even be doable do you think? 
  4. Haven/Calypso Appreciation Thread

    It's very impressive work, good job guys, seriously. 
  5. Name-storming

    The Geezers Swanny Row Boys The Broomhandlers  
  6. New/Nervous

    Greetings and welcome! It's good to see a fresh face and while the lore can be intimidating at first you don't need to be familiar with it all to dive on in to things! Racer characters are definitely possible, in fact just recently there was a racing themed event, if you'd like some help getting into the swing of things and fleshing stuff out feel free to send me a PM and I'll be happy to lend a hand.
  7. Requesting Art

    Might be a little more tactful to wait until you've made at least a couple of posts before requesting people take the time to create art of your characters.
  8. Um...

    I might be kinda back.
  9. I think it's time.

    It's likely not much of a surprise but I've been mulling over departing from GC for a while. Now I've decided to take the step and make a formal farewell. I've spent countless happy hours on this little server since I first stumbled in many moons ago, I've gone from a lowly RP-newbie who'd only really done PBP on forums to a veteran and vocal community member. But this community, like all others, is built on shifting sands. I've seen many come and go and I've often wondered why people leave but I understand now. A server is a lot like the ship of theseus, if you hop on board and you see the crew, the floor boards, the sails, the navigation all swapped out for something else then it looses something. I can't recall the last time I felt genuinely engaged or as though I was really enjoying myself here, maybe it's just me as a person changing. I feel out of touch with my community members, there's so much salt and memes, the atmosphere IC and OOC is just so different to when I started out. I'm just not feeling the magic anymore. Anyway, these posts are usually pretty narcissistic and self indulgent so I'll keep it short. I'll be closing the book on this wonderful chapter of my RP story, possibly forever but maybe not, I might pop back in under the guise of a new character once in a while and see if there's any other old timers still about and maybe things will improve and recapture that magic I first felt beaming down to Horsebutt saloon. Should anyone need me badly I'll check my PM's for the next week or so. I'm on discord as well. MagicKid#1022. It's been fun guys, really fun. I know I haven't had the privilege of RPing with you all but hopefully the ones I have enjoyed the time we had together. And now, an abridged speech ripped off and slightly adapted from a book. I am immensely fond of you all, and three years is too short a time to live among such excellent and admirable role players. I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve. . .I regret to announce that — though, as I said, three years is far too short a time to spend among you — this is the END. I am going. I am leaving NOW. GOOD-BYE!
  10. The Pitch

    In my view, we have nothing to lose as it stands and everything to gain. I really don't wish to argue in this thread, I've said all I wish so I'll leave the matter for now and let the hammer fall where it may. Just don't let it be said nobody ever tried to change things when we're past the point of no return.
  11. The Pitch

    So I get your point, I really do. But I've seen this kind of thing before, history is repeating itself and I want to steer clear before we hit the iceburg that sets us sinking. In the current state of things I'd be inclined to say that something new is better than nothing.  Unless you can genuinely say you enjoy RP as it is now and would be happy to keep it going for, say, another year then I'd really appreciate you putting effort into coming up with better ideas and solutions rather than shootings stuff down.
  12. The Pitch

    A: " one (or several, depending on the size of the playerbase) of the groups that survives the crash landing and the day to day efforts to survive" B: How much of that interstellar travel and advanced tech do you see currently on the server? As stated, parts of the ship will survive and be crash landing all over the planet so I envision people to come across tech elements, if anything they'll be prized and more interesting to RP with. Also the crash landing is just the start, the set up, it's certainly possible to get out into the cosmos after that, we could even throw in a time skip to when the Fringe is a little more developed later down the line but that's far ahead.
  13. The Pitch

    You're probably thinking. Gee @MagicKid, that was an inspiring call to action but what on earth can we do to save this sinking ship? Here's my thinking, we go back to a time before the Fringe was the way it is now. Earth has fallen, Humanity is lost among the stars and loosing control of itself with no central seat of power. Humans plea for aid from the other known space faring races and together they pool their resources to build a huge colonisation ship to send into the uncharted region of space on the Fringe of the galaxy. Deep past the official frontier, where criminals are known to hide out as the arm of the law doesn't reach that far, all to find a habitable planet to serve as both a hub in this new and resource rich part of space and a new home for the Human race.  This huge ship goes in and some time into the mission begins orbiting a MASSIVE earth-like planet, that is to say there's a tonne of different environments and biomes and it supports life. The crew prepares to send down colonisation teams when someone attacks (Blackhelm perhaps if you wish to nod to the cannon as it is now?) anyway, the whole thing starts breaking up and ready to explode so the colonists scramble to the escape pods and get blasted down to the surface with some resources to help them get started. Different groups are scattered all over this planet and the wreckage of this huge ship filled with resources crashing down all over the place. That's where events begin. The server follows the events of one (or several, depending on the size of the playerbase) of the groups that survives the crash landing and the day to day efforts to survive, establish a colony and work towards the future. Where on the planet the group crashes and with what resources determines the style of RP we want to have and makes things flexible. You could have the main group land in a desert part of the planet, keep in mind they won't have many surviving vehicles and certainly not enough to travel around as a huge group. First arc of the communal story is trying to either eek out a living in a hostile environment or cross on to greener pastures. All the while there's twists to be thrown in with other groups and criminals on the planet with natural events shaking things up too.  We go back to the roots of Starbound RP, the roots of GC. Individual characters living together in a tough part of space, the highs and lows that go with it. Focusing in on this interaction and intrigue without things like power creep from factions and private groups shunning other people.  Now how will this work in game? Well, starbound generates planets that are pretty much all one biome all over, or at least a large chunk. Different in game planets, which we can beam between, would become ICly different regions of the planet ie the polar caps, jungles, deserts, oceans. Staff make it clear what the community can ICly construct with available tools and resource and change this up as IC actions are taken.   Maybe we don't roll with this idea, but this is my suggestion, I'll be happy to share more thoughts if people want to hear them. As long as we get SOMETHING happening that sets us apart from the crowd and and brings us together again as a community I'll be happy.
  14. Skip to the point...

    Blah blah, preamble, something something been here a long time, seen stuff change drastically, people come and go. Basically I'm not gonna ramble like I usually do as I find myself drifting from this community, from my perspective, as an observer who has never seen the inner workings of staff and never really been much of a big player in terms of rocking the boat, I'll say this... We face a choice as a server. Before I came here I was admin on another SB server that died out and a similar thing is happening now as it did back then.  Basically, the server is stagnant and in need of drastic change to renew interest and RP or it will become a desolate and barren place for stubborn vets who simply do passive RP for the sake of keeping old habits going where nothing changes and one day it all fizzles out in a disappointing and unceremonious puff. RP is pointless if nothing ever changes and for the  majority nothing has changed for a long while, I can feel the eye rolls of people on the forums and the ones who have had their share of development within cliques but before you object don't think about yourself think about others.  GC as it started is dead, the community and individuals that made it are long gone. It's time for change, it's time for the setting to be overhauled. We don't NEED to be in the Fringe because the people that created the Fringe are for the most part totally absent! Lore is forgotten and disregarded and as we stare down what we cannot deny to be an uncertain and likely dismal future of looping casual RP and an eventual shut off don't you think it's at least worth a try?  In our reach is the hope of reigniting the spark of enjoyment for everybody that made GC so great and popular in the past, we can do it! If nothing else, don't you think we should band together for one last hurrah if this is the end? Wouldn't you like to go out in a blaze of glory that each of us will carry in our hearts and minds long after Starbound is forgotten by the internet?! Come on people! Let's see sense and try to usher in some change before it's too late. 
  15. Tear Down The (Consent) Wall!