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  1. Random harassment and insults by two players

    The only thing I didn't really like about their roleplay was that they'd post 3-4 times before the other person could say anything else, but that didn't happen during any of the combat that went down later so I can't really pin them down for that. Playing a character who's an outspoken asshole isn't against the rules, otherwise I'd have been banned years ago for playing Chell.

    ((Private messages, probably.))
  3. Fare thee well

    I didn't really want to make one of these threads--as I'm not really someone who cares for the limelight, and most of you probably either don't know me at all or only know me because of an argument we may have had--but there are a few loose ends I need to tie up before I leave the server.  1. The Sinister Company - Is as of right now no longer in operation. If anyone wants to use the idea of the faction or take up the reigns, feel free to. First come first serve, you don't even need to message me. (I doubt anyone wants to use it anyways, but it's just a formality) 2. Stalwart Florans - I no longer require this to be re-graded. Same as with the first point, if anyone wants to use it for any reason or take ownership for it to be regraded, go ahead. @Drakkar 3. IC relations - Not sure about this one, what with all the talk of all IC relations being wiped. If they don't get wiped, then you can keep your relationships with my characters or not... your choice. In case you needed reminding:  I had a very small handful of characters over the two years, which focused mostly around one main character. They are as follows, from most to least prominent respectively: Chell, Hallows, Entropey, Grimm. (As well as a few others that played so miniscule of roles that nobody will remember them, if you even remembered the latter two in this list anyways)    And that's about it. If you guys wanted to know why I'm leaving, it's a mixture of unsatisfactory experience with the server how it is now compared to when I first joined over two years ago and the fact that all the old members of the community who I enjoyed RP with are just gone now. Feel free to post whatever you want in the thread and I will read it (hate on me or whatever, I'm fine with it). Just know that I won't be replying to anything on the forums from this point forward. If you have my steam and want to talk, I'm open whenever I'm available. Otherwise... ta-ta, I had a fun go at it.
  4. Stalwart Florans

  5. // Weaponsmith Wanted \\

    // User H.E.L.L.I.O.N. replies to both posts simultaneously. \\ Thanks for the offers. If you can, tell me when you can meet up. I'll be waiting around Kyreileis most of the time, but if I'm not there feel free to message me.
  6. // Weaponsmith Wanted \\

    // User H.E.L.L.I.O.N. posts an advertisement on whatever the Fringe equivalent of Kijiji is. \\ I'm looking for someone who knows how to work with difficult metals to make weapons. If you know your way around a firearm, that's a plus. You'll be paid well.
  7. Recruitment: NEW GODS

    I currently have a deadplant that is going to be remodeled into a superheavy android. Can she become one or do I need to make a new character for this?
  8. Amity Endoskeletal ARCF

    I've never seen any problems with having thin layers of impervium over armor before, but I've changed it to being a 1/2 inch layer of violium instead, given violium's current usefulness as a protective metal and the new reworked violium fitting into that as well. As for the EMP resistance, see the first sentence of the last paragraph in the "Abilities" section: "The circuitry of the endoskeleton is entirely protected through means of emitter coupled logic, and as a result is not affected by EMP."
  9. Shin'Kali (Yay, another.), and How I Feel About Them.

    Chell beat up a Shin'Kali and then snapped its neck. You just gotta get some gains, bro. Spoiler  
  10. The Sinister Company

    // User Hallows replies. \\ Welcome to the company, Rabbit Killer. I'd like you to report to the Jolly Maiden as soon as possible to have a chat and receive your load out.
  11. What's your favorite outfit ?

    Usually when I'm just going out to do whatever I'll wear any combination of the ~13 pears of fitted sweatpants and hoodies that I have. In the summer I'll cut back on the hoodie even though I'm insecure and go with some sort of t-shirt that's got a design on it (I've got quite a few of those). If I'm going out with friends to some restaurant/club/bubble tea/random place because Toronto has a fuckton of weird shit, I'll put on a polo and some black jeans.
  12. The Sinister Company

    // User Hallows replies. \\ Welcome to the company, to the both of you. I'll be awaiting your arrivals at the Jolly Maiden ASAP.
  13. The Sinister Company

    // User Hallows Replies. \\ As you may well know after doing some research on our company, we are in partial possession of a mineral-rich asteroid field, where our headquarters is stationed. Our main source of income comes from an ongoing contract to defend this plot of land, as well as from the civilian workers among our ranks who assist in the maintaining of the multiple erchius rigs. You may even stop by our little bar for a visit, if you'd like, and see for yourself. Just make sure you stay out of the mines. I assure you, none of our members' paychecks are missed.
  14. The Sinister Company

    (( It was changed after the market came back, It's now 1 osi to 1.5 USD according to a few people ))
  15. Community Rationalization (Pursuit of Happiness~)

    Take a good look back into history and tell me when the prospect of "enlightening others" was a consistent success. We're naturally going to disagree with some people--a lot of people, even. It's just human nature to want to defend your own opinion to the death no matter how stupid it is. We'd get along a hell of a lot more friendly-like if we stuffed the shit we didn't like about each other into the back of our minds instead of down each other's throats.