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  1. Starbound server updated to 1.3!

    It's an old name, but it checks out.
  2. Starbound server updated to 1.3!

    Version 1.3 is up.  Hopefully not too much is broken. 
  3. Starbound server updated to 1.2!

    The server has been updated.  Let us hope it's not a bum update.  Report any problems!
  4. Short weekend trip

    Plenty of nice geodes and luckily no snakes!
  5. Short weekend trip

    I mostly work behind the scenes now. 
  6. Short weekend trip

    I'll be gone this weekend on a short geode hunting trip, so hopefully the server doesn't explode. 
  7. Server updated to 1.1.1!

    Update is live, server is up.  Yayness!
  8. 1.1 Update Complete!

    Server mods are back up.  @Apple pointed out that it was probably some issue with the server needed a reboot after it's first startup to avoid some ship regeneration issue.  I didn't quite understand it.  In any case, the mods are good, the server is running, and we have planet chat now! 
  9. 1.1 Update Complete!

    1.1 might be kinda crashy...
  10. 1.1 Update Complete!

    Easy fix, I had to remove the server's mods. 
  11. 1.1 Update Complete!

    Don't get too excited... seems like it might be a bum patch.  I'm not able to connect so far, getting a vague client error.  Exception caught in client main-loop (EofException) Failed to read full buffer in readFull, eof reached Anyone actually able to get in?
  12. 1.1 Update Complete!

    We're now updated, minus the server's modset, which was broken with the update.  Playable with planet chat yay!
  13. Gone to DragonCon (out sept 1-5)

    It's like geeky mardi-gras, especially at night.  http://www.dragoncon.org/
  14. I'll be at DragonCon Sept 1-5th, so expect a delay on world uploads and such. 
  15. U-Uh...Hello.

    I'm still around.  I handle the starbound server backend stuff and most of the world uploads.