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  1. // the revolution begins.//

    //The same user leaves another comment.// GO TO JAIL //End.//
  2. "I wonder if the Outsiders'll be so eager to hurt us after they find out we can bleed [EXPLETIVE] acid." -475842-ζ, shortly before authorizing the use of the "self defence" augmentation in the Fringe.   Name: The augmentation has no official name, either simply being called "Self Defence" by the Visitant. Description: The "self defense" augmentation is a modification that affects the silvery fluid that injured Visitant leak, the equivalent of blood for the species. The modification changes how the cells react when they leave the body and come into contact with non-Visitant matter. Instead of dying, the cells in the blood will begin to violently attack all foreign matter that it comes into contact with. While this is generally pretty ineffective on substances such as metal, glass or stone, it can seriously damage organics- eating away at living tissue like a strong acid, or black blight. Abilities:  -Makes Visitant bleed a volatile substance that eats away at organics and damages sensitive electronics. This, hopefully, discourages others from injuring said Visitant. -The substance works best on organic matter. Plants, animals, and people. -The matter can remain alive and active for up to ten minutes without organic matter to eat away at. After those ten minutes are up, it hardens into a blackened, crusty material and dies.  -While it's not very effective on inorganic substances, it's still a bad idea to pour this stuff on computer chips and other delicate electronics, just like it's a bad idea to douse electronics in really ANY liquid.  -A specialized hormone exists that stops the spread of this substance and signals for it to die. Most Visitant are capable of secreting this at will, giving them the ability to stop the substance upon physical contact.  -The substance will not attack Visitant matter. Conditional Abilities (Optional): Very rarely, if the substance is "fed" for a long period of time, it will slow down and stabilize, beginning to transform itself into a small Visitant channel. The Visitant do not consider this a very practical way to make new channels. Limitations:  -The substance is more expensive to produce, making its use limited to only a small amount of Visitant bodies.  -Once the cells die, the remaining crust is a pain to remove. -The substance is runnier than normal Visitant blood. This makes more of it exit the body quicker, which is bad for nearby organics, but also pretty bad for the injured Visitant, which risks serious fluid loss.  -Organic matter that has been consumed is transformed into a blackish, sticky paste that eventually dries into a sort of crumbling powder. This can contain Visitant cells, either alive or dead, which non-Visitant can sample and study- much to the Visitant's dismay. -The substance dies if exposed to high voltages or extreme heat. Conditional Limitations (Optional): N/A How does it work: The modification used to create "self defence"-augmented blood does not change the chemical aspect of the blood, but rather the programming of the Visitant's immune system. Immune cells found in the blood are responsible for attacking literally anything that isn't Visitant matter, which is why drinking Visitant blood is a bad idea. However, under these modifications, these immune cells are made even more aggressive. They're equipped with an incredibly fast metabolism that activates when exposed to air and foreign substances. Upon activation, the cells set to work, dividing and proceeding to attack and process anything and everything it encounters. Once they run out of resources, the cells wait for ten minutes before dying. Flavor text: The "self-defence" augmentation has existed for a long time, though it has seen little use by the Visitant until now. It was designed to discourage non-Visitant species ("Outsiders") to avoid injuring Visitant agents and officials. Referenced Technologies (Optional): N/A Attainability: Semi-closed Tags: Military, Racial Category: Nanotechnology
  3. // the revolution begins.//

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  4. // Nexblur: Echo goes shopping wtf? //

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  5. // ANGELS //

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  6. Weekly Update #28 [22/5/2017]

    One Like = One Cereal .  Plese feed Puppy today. He Is Hungrey. .
  7. GC's setting feels too hopeless

    Two words: True neutral. The Visitant aren't evil. They don't want to invade Haven. If they did, Haven would already have been attacked and invaded. This isn't just because it would ruin a nice hub and wreck all the hard work the staff team did, but because they literally have no reason to: if you're a species that can colonize lifeless moons, why bother with a planet that's already occupied?  You're making a lot of assumptions here. Try to look at this from the Visitants' perspective. You've just stepped into an entirely new dimension, an entirely new galaxy and one of the first things your species sees is the native population fighting and bickering with eachother. You're a species that's generally had a very easy time preventing crime and violence, so this comes off as barbaric to you, making you wary- after all, these people may one day become your neighbors. Things only get worse when they then proceed to kill and dismember one of your own, in a seemingly completely unprovoked act of violence. Don't you think that would leave a bad taste in your mouth? Don't you think that you, a species desperate for a new home, might be a little paranoid after their neighbors pull something like that? The Visitant did what they did not so they could invade or infiltrate other nations, but because they want to know what those nations think of them, and if they're planning some sort of attack. They don't trust other nations, especially Haven, after what they've seen. (The exception to this is purgatory, which has handled things pretty well so far) The Visitants' morally dubious actions aren't performed out of evil or malicious intent, but because they simply don't relate with Outsider species very well. It's much like how humans look at the trees they cut down. The destruction of plant matter isn't upsetting to humans like the destruction of people is. If you see a tree getting cut down, you might be sad if you're a fan of nature, but otherwise you won't have a very severe emotional reaction. Watching a human get hit with an axe, on the other hand, might be an experience that will haunt you for the rest of your life. The same goes for Visitant and Outsider species. A Visitant doesn't react to human gore or suffering because they're so inherently different from eachother. This is partially why the Visitant are so eager to do something that might not agree with human morals. They're not bad, just.. different. Finally, the Visitant have as much potential for good as they do for evil. Like I said before, they're a neutral force. How they treat Haven solely depends on now Haven treats them. If they play their cards right, then Haven may, one day, make a powerful ally and trading partner. If they play it wrong, then they get another enemy. The Visitant have already solved problems for Haven. They're currently Haven's only source of Erchius, and if I recall correctly, the Erchius shortage was marked as one of Haven's biggest problems. Think of the Visitant as like the shroud from Stellaris- an unpredictable force that can bring either ruin or prosperity onto the Haven nation. All you have to do is play your cards right.
  8. 25 facts I learned during my life of survival

    //An anon user posts a comment, using bright red text.// i have nightmares every night i must be a foiking genius .. i like #6 //End//

  10. THE RISE OF EVIL!!! Chapter 2

    //Oh god, it's daeisdadinsid again. She's made another post.// hllo time for chapter 2 of my story. ok  i made many revisions . ok :} Once upon a time there was a planet called Home. they called it home because the people there didnt go anywhere else so they gave it a stupid name. Not that they care about it being a bad name. They just live there so they call it home and that was that. Anyway one morning a floran was living there and she said to herself "why does floran live here it is boring". she doesnt like sitting in houses all day. so she go on adventure. she get up and get out of her house and go out of the house and into nearby forest. but forest is empty so she decide that she leave home and go to new planet which is a big city. the big city was big and she wander around and there were lots of' people talking. also floran had to go shopping so she went to shop and bought some food. she reaches into her pocket which contains at least 1.34 square cm of pocket lint. and a small shopping list her dad wrote for her aprox. a week ago. the shopping list urges her to buy a lot of marshmallows as her dad likes them and he thinks that's the only thing he should eat, when he is in fact ignorant on the true, normal diet of people they do not eat marshmallow. she takes out a tissue, her head moving back slightly before she sneezes loudly into the tissue, actually the tissue is in fact a napkin but that does not matter, she took it from a nice hylotl food place two days ago. anyway she bought the food but she did not buy the marshmallows and she saw big worm. with a bunch of people and big worm. and she think "huh" she go home and red guy standing there. "where are my marshmallows" he ask. she says she not buy them its unhealthy. so he just doesnt eat anything. he eat nothing. red guy eat nothing because of no marshmalows. that is how angry he was. it is so stupid. floran is bothered and angry about stupid red dad. that is her weakness. red dad weakness is being dumb. floran fight with dad because hes suposed to eat osmething other than marshmallows and that is the fight. eventualy he agree to eat a bread sandwitch. floran is ok with that. floran is bored and realize she never go on adventure actgually she just bought groceries. "damn it" also haven explodes or something wtf is hapening the end :} pls constructive crittzm xoxoxo love u sammy //A comments box and upvote/downvote buttons are on the bottom of the page.//
  11. // Haven Stands. Shadows fall. //

    //Somewhere out there in the vast cosmos, a pale redheaded man leans over his computer. He reads over the list carefully, and promptly breathes a blissful, shaky sigh of relief.//
  12. THE RISE OF EVIL!!! Chapter 1

    //Another reply is posted.// thnk yu crostil tht mkes snse also galactic comon not first lnguage so it hard that why i get profreading :} i wil + weaknesse for next chpter :} ILU backspace its acurate my stry cartoon now i lve cartoon xoxoxo ILU blue harte and yes i rp ok :} msrobotiks is not constrctive  but ilu rest all :} //End//
  13. THE RISE OF EVIL!!! Chapter 1

    //A response is posted.// :{ //End//
  14. THE RISE OF EVIL!!! Chapter 1

    //User daeisdadinsid posts a new story on a common fanfiction website. It is titled "THE RISE OF EVIL!!!". There is currently only one chapter.// Hey guys im daeisdadinsid her im gamer grl her im writ stry too in free tim hre is adventure abiout me (im cool). I hop u guys lik it . :} i call THE RIS OF EVIL!!! chatpter one and if your lik it i will writ mor :}. my dad proofread and sammy 2 There was a new evil force who wanted to destroy the world called The Dark Group and nobody could stop them except me. I was born from the light and shaped by pain all my life (Im a goddess it's a hard job xoxo) so I knew I had to take them on. Annoying red guy: Muahahahaha you will die now Me: I don't think so!!!! I took my fire sword and pointed it scaringly. Dumb red a*hle: Woa no wat are you doing!!!!!!!! I was just kiding!!!!!! Me: I don't think so mr red hair'ed devil Red hair dumb*ss: Woa no stop I'll give yoi 500 pixels (150 osi for u ppl :}) Me: I'm a goddess I dont need money now die I stabbed him but nothing happened Me: Oh my god!! (note that i am god :}) Red satan: Muhahahahahha!!!! He became satan Satan the dumb ask:You thought you could kil me but I am to powerful for you!!!! Me: I don't think so, r*tard (censord 4 yunger readersz :}) I shot lightning bolts at him w/ my hands and he died Satan: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO¥OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO9OOOOO¥¥OOOOOOOO!!!!!!!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!×!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (2 beei cntined dnt frget 2 upvte pls :} i wrked hrdd on it :} BTW XOXO TY SAMMY 4 PROFEREADING ILU) //There's an upvote and a downvote button on the post, as well as a comments section- marked "PLS GIVE CRITZICM OK:}".//
  15. //A signal from space.//

    //The drone seems most interested in the airlock doors. Without so much as a goodbye, vocal or otherwise, it attempts to enter the airlock chamber and have itself.. well, sucked into space.//