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  1. //Floran Drone.mp4//

    //User daeisdadinsid posts a comment.// y so many racit commnt here :{ //End//
  2. The story of a dog and C4

    I vouch............ poor dog.....
  3. //Haven Needs Help!//

    //User posi3252 responds.// thats not very nice :[ //End//
  4. //PosiMin's Digital Journal//

    //Untitled_43// Some motherfucking shit blasted my goddamn lawn gnomes. //End//
  5. Undercrypt Minicampaign: Eldssmith

    ((Character Name: CIRCLEEYE-453286-β Discord ID: Pinkbat5#3408 Character Skills: Experience as a guard and warrior under the Visitant empire. Character Experience with UC/Adventuring: This is CE's first time in the undercrypt. Why you?: Because I like the campaigns and I like to think I'm a decent roleplayer, too. I've been having difficulty roleplaying with Eyewing recently, which is why I'm using CE instead.))
  6. //Ask an AI//

    //User CE453286 has changed their username to coolbeta453286.// //User coolbeta453286 comments.// According to my research, Artificial intelligences, compared to Synthetic Intelligences, are extremely inferior in terms of mental processing. In fact, they are often regarded as completely nonsentient. How does that make you feel? //End//
  7. //User posi3252 replies to the comment.//  shut fuck up you little fuck bitch. nobody likes fucking loser shit fuck your fucking disrespectful godless fuck ass ilk fucking kick your shit in you fedora tipping son of a dick //End//
  8. //Lange's Logs - 7//

    //posi3252 comments// dude what the fuck?!?! don't code a girl, adopt someone! there are billions of orphans in the galaxy WTF?!?!? //End//

    //The comment is taken down.//
  10. // AN OFFER //

    //User echoadministration.official responds// [CONNECT TO TERMINAL] //End//
  11. Trying my hand at doing Pixel Art

    Try spriting an iguana!
  12. A.E.O - Anti Echo Organisation

    ((if it's on the nexus, it's IC))
  13. // Requesting Immediate Assistance \\

    //This is also DDOSed.//
  14. // Requesting Immediate Assistance \\

    //A response is posted by user echoadministrationofficial on any iteration of the video before it's taken down.// THIS IS DOCTORED FOOTAGE. THE AUDIO HAS BEEN CROPPED OUT, REMOVING THE CONTEXT. BLACKFEATHER IS PERFECTLY HEALTHY, HIS VITALS WERE REPORTED AS DECEASED DUE TO HIS DISCONNECTION FROM THE DEVICE THAT MONITORED THEM. HE WAS NOT FORCED ONTO OUR VESSEL, AND ENTERED WILLINGLY. NO HARM HAS COME TO HIM. HERE IS THE AUDIO FOOTAGE. //open file?// Spoiler //The following file is audio-only. It contains various voices- that of Tinker, and of several Echoes. Tinker is white, the rest are Echoes.// "Outsider. What is your species?" "Umm. I have two..." "Two?" "I'm sort of.. both an VI and an Avian. It's complicated.. But biologically I'm an Avian." "An Avian. What is your name?" "Birth name or legal name?" "Both." "BlackFeather, Tinker." "Interesting. It is nice to meet you. Why don't you sit down?" "Yeah since theres no chairs how about I do this... there." //In the video, he had done a hand-stand.// "...Impressive?" "Not really." "Hmm.. Anyway, you guys aren't really machines, are you?" "Not by your definition." "I don't understand this." "Figures." "Yes." "Say, why are you against me performing scans?" "Earlier when I asked you said you were against the idea." "Our biology is valuable to some." "Hmm." "So where are we going?" //.........// "Eye opening time." "Follow me." //............// "Sit." "Show us your arm." "...Show us an organic arm." "-Stay still." //The video ends.// THEY WERE GIVEN ANESTHESIA FOR A MEDICAL PROCEDURE THAT THEY HAPPILY CONSENTED TO. THERE IS NO ISSUE HERE, ONLY MISUNDERSTANDINGS. //End//
  15. // Nextube: Living it up at Club Solus //

    //User posi3252 likes, comments and subscribes.// AW YEA GARY FUCKING GOT THE MOVES AW FFUCK YEAH BRO FUCK E YEAH DUDUDE FUCKING KILLER MOVES1111111 //End//