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  1. // Needed: Cybernetics Specialist //

    // User Neon-Demon tags Lange [[ @Short-Factor ]] in a post // We have business to discuss.
  2. Outrun Radio feat. DJ Cherry

    // Cherry’s broadcast comes back to life after another mysterious, lengthy absence of the self-proclaimed DJ. She sounds out of it, higher than a kite but in a relatively good mood regardless. //   Good afternoon, galaxy gals and blackhole bros. Some brand-spankin’ new info tells me that despite these trying times, people are still managing to have their own version of fun. Just minutes ago a Nova was reported to have been strung up on a billboard in Haven, with… nobody really seeming to give a shit why or attempting to help them down. Said Nova cut themselves down not too long later with the aid of their brand fuckin’ cheater.   I’m pretty sure you all already know about the other incidences of unrest on Haven following a dramatic reveal of some sort of puppet government. Protests, riots, general unsafe vibes, etcetera, etcetera. You get it. If not, browse the Nexus. Today’s theme for movin’ grooves is politics. Which, I guess doesn’t sound all that exciting but whatever. Relevancy, yaaaaaay! Here’s Killer Mike with the song Reagan, which coincidentally mentions puppet presidents. Go figure.    
  3. A Belated "I'm Baaaaaaaack" Thread

    TFW you try to view someone's profile to jog your memory on who they are, but it's broken
  4. You know, if my constant posting on the forums and sporadic appearances on the server wasn't enough of an indicator, here's a post that somehow makes it all the more "official". But before all the "wb" and shitposts, I wanted to apologize to anyone's whose toes I may I have stepped on about a year(+) ago. I wasn't in a good place mentally, and combined with increasing OOC drama without any solid resolution I was extremely frustrated and lashed out at anyone that (seemingly) made things more difficult. That definitely was not fair or deserved; so for that I'm sorry. Moving away from sob-story bullshit, I plan on being mostly active on the forums since work cuts into a lot of what used to be free weekday playtime.   So, yeah. I'm shit at conclusions. Have at it.
  5. // Haven Stands. Shadows fall. //

    // User DJ Cherry replies // Ooooh, boy. This is juicy.
  6. Outrun Radio feat. DJ Cherry

    // The feed blares back to life with the tinny sound of a high hat and doots of a trumpet in the background. DJ Cherry begins to speak. // "Breaking news, my precious starbabies - a rogue Atlas robot reportedly attempted to go on a civilian slaying rampage after being tampered with a being known only as "Heidrekr Mark 2" on the Nexus. Haven Times details the harrowing event that concluded when none other than Lange Avalice pulled his signature plasma blade. While everything seems to have wrapped up on a relatively positive note, one can't help but wonder how the event was even allowed to unfold in the first place." DJ Cherry pauses for a moment - likely waiting for input from any listeners - then resumes. "My money's on gross negligence on behalf of the Atlas Corp., where the prototype was pulled from overstock without proper authorization. Atlas CEO Lloyd released a statement assuring that the person responsible is being dealt with and that the lack of preventive tamper-proof technology is to be addressed. Unfortunately, it's entirely possible that more of the work droids could be compromised and the absence of these security measures is indeed troubling." "That's not even touching the lack of police presence on Haven as the incident began to unfold, considering the guard that dealt the fatal blow had teleported down from places unknown. This event comes just ten days after a deadly attack where Haven Guard experienced struggles with stopping a belligerent criminal and incurred heavy injury in the process. As the attacks on Haven increase in frequency, the failings of the Guard become increasingly more obvious - to me, at least." "My advice for those of you that live or frequently visit there is to strap up with your own reliable weapon. Or, perhaps, have a pint and wait for it all to blow over. At any rate, I've got some new grooves for you all - so here's a little song about a failing justice system. Seems to be topical enough, yeah?"    
  7. // Needed: Cybernetics Specialist //

    // User Neon-Demon replies. // I will consider the offer.
  8. // Needed: Cybernetics Specialist //

    // User Neon-Demon replies to Lange. // I'm aware of your work. You don't seem like you're hurting for money or jobs. So I'm confused why you'd offer to do relatively minor repairs when you're as overqualified as you are.
  9. THE RISE OF EVIL!!! Chapter 1

    // User Neon-Demon replies // Well, you did threaten to hurt someone over the Nexus. A bit hypocritical, isn't it?
  10. THE RISE OF EVIL!!! Chapter 1

    // User Neon-Demon leaves a comment. // Jesus fuck, I'm in that weird part of the Nexus again.
  11. Outrun Radio feat. DJ Cherry

    // DJ Cherry's voice fades in just as the song ends, humming the tune until it dies. Generic background starts up as rambles. // "Great song, right? The original was pretty good, too, but I don't think you'll want to hear it right after the remix. Maybe some other day, eh? In the meantime, here's another to go along with the theme of 'mixes'. Flume brings a remix of 'You and Me' by Disclosure.     "Man, that's a good song. I could probably run it on repeat forever. But for your sake, I won't. Who, besides me, wants to listen to a single love song all day anyway? On the topic of romance, I went off ship for a while to catch some fresh air and saw a strange little apex with an appreciation for trees. I'm talkin' a real appreciation of trees. Isn't that weird? Ahahah, florans must be that guy's wet dream. Anyway, I'm trying to find some sort of club to go to - for some musical inspiration, you know? - and can't find one! If you know a location, let me know in the comments. For now, I'll make my ship my own private club with the catchy vocals of 'Lone Digger' by Caravan Palace."    
  12. // User Neon-Demon posts. // Need a cybernetics specialist in the near future. Additional experience as a doctor would be ideal and preferred. Likely needed for bodily repairs and chassis modification, among other things. Will pay a quarter of the negotiated price up front upon contract agreement, and the remainder after the work is done.
  13. // Civilian's Memory Vlogs //

    // User Gone-For-Broke uploads another video titled #??? //   The video starts with a close-up of the 'hostess' of all the previous videos with her mask off. Again, her hair has been changed to a crazy hue; a seafoam green color that doesn't quite compliment her skintone. Despite this, she seems to pull it off by coupling it with neon makeup of varying colors,a shimmering pinkish-purple halter top, and numerous gold chains hanging from her neck. The camera pans out - or rather she sets the recording device away from herself - and lays on her side in the cubbyhole of a bed.   "Long time no see,” she smirks whilst fondling one of the gold chains just below her breast. "I haven't really been filming much. Not much worth mentioning. I mean, it seems like Attack Club has sort of gone their own ways for the time being. Too much heat, so I guess we're laying low until that cools off. Can't complain, though. It's nice not having to sleep with one eye open and watching my back wherever I go."   The woman rolls over, now laying on her stomach as she inspects her manicured nails for dirt. She continues speaking as she picks bits of glitter off the coat of polish, "But it's kind of boring? I don't really do anything productive. I just make drugs for myself and occasionally stream on some cam-girl site for pocket change. I could sell my drugs, but I don't think Loner would much appreciate a lab on his ship or people constantly beaming on and off."   And like Beetlejuice, at the mention of his name, a figure in the background materializes on a tele-pad. Clad in the signature jeans, fitted black tee, brown leather bomber jacket, and purple mask it's unmistakable who this is. The woman turns her head away from the camera to look, and without hesitation practically leaps from the bed to, literally, jump and latch onto Loner. The following one-sided discussion is muffled considering her face is buried against his neck. Eventually, he casually strides towards the bed and roughly deposits the woman onto the mattress - which causes the filming device to fall. For a few minutes, the sound of torn cloth and loud moaning is heard. Then the video stops entirely, only indicated by the sudden lack of sound. // Unlike the other videos, this one has a caption: When are you coming back? // // Comments are disabled //
  14. Outrun Radio feat. DJ Cherry

    // Today DJ Cherry's transcription text is lavender today as the broadcast returns just in time for the weekend. // "Sorry for the short absence last night. I had some personal business to attend to, mainly rifling through all these CDs and cassettes to find something suitable for you. The past few tunes have been awfully similar, haven't they? After a while it all kind of bleeds together and you can't tell when one song ends and another begins. So it's about time I mix it up. Here's an M Machine remix of 'DNA' by Empire of the Sun."        
  15. Outrun Radio feat. DJ Cherry

    // DJ Cherry's transcription text font in the center of the page is now green as she resumes active streaming after several hours of idle background music. //   “Rise and shine, space cowboys and galactic damsels. Time to shake off that raging hangover, get the fix to ease that itch, and do it aaaallllllll over again. To help get that motivation up from your mandatory nightly coma, I’m bringing a little bit of Danger to start your day. Because who doesn’t like a little of that here in the Fringe, eh? I can’t count on my fingers and toes the number of times I woke up to a gun in my face, hahahahaaaah. Anyway, here’s Danger with ‘3h16’. Keep your gun close and your enemies far, far away.”