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  1. // Civ's Misc. Shit //

    // User Gone-For-Broke posts // No. (( It's literally silly putty ))
  2. // Civ's Misc. Shit //

    // User Gone-For-Broke posts // Go easy on it. Two drops at a time. Put on chill tunes and relax.
  3. // Civ's Misc. Shit //

    // User Gone-For-Broke makes a thread. // Let's just make one thing clear: I'm broke as hell. I need money, you have money; I have goods, you need goods. You see where I'm going with this? If you see something in this list that you like and have the money for it, drop me a line. If you're looking for something, but aren't sure if I have it, shoot me a PM. We'll work something out. Items or services will be brought to the specified location. If none is provided, tough titties and thanks for the donation. Someone to Talk to - 100 p/hr Cream for Butthurt - 10p Alcohol (beer, bottle) - 5p Alcohol (liquor, bottle) - 20p Store Bought Painkillers (box) - 20p Store Bought Painkillers (single) - 2p Happiness in a Bottle (1.7 oz) - 100p Happiness in a Bottle (3.4 oz) - 200p Happiness in a Bottle (4.25 oz) - 300p Some Leftover Antibiotics (possibly expired) - IDK, make me an offer Homemade Putty - 5p for a handful. Cool shit, but doesn't really do anything but stretch and feel squishy   List will be updated as I clean out my ship and buy new stuff. Prices are firm, none of that haggling shit unless you've got some antique music.
  4. 'Civilian'

    [[ This will serve as an IC public/arrest record for this character. It's chronically WIP and is subject to being updated as more is discovered. ]] General Information First name: Unknown Middle name(s): Unknown Surname: Unknown        Alias(es):  Civilian, Broker Age: 26 Date of birth: XX/XX/3257 Race: Human Gender: Female Sexuality: Heterosexual Current residence: Unlisted Relationship status: Unknown Social status: Unpopular, perhaps even disliked Occupation: Drug Dealer, Cam-Girl, other odd jobs Traits of Voice Accent (if any): Valley Girl/Californian Language spoken: Galactic Common Other languages known: Unknown Style of speaking: Excessive swearing and slurring. Jumps from subject to subject, says whatever comes to mind. No filter. Volume of voice: Loud. Too loud. Physical Appearance Height: 5'6" Weight: 145 lbs. Eye colour: Hazel Skin colour: Tanned, natural Shape of face: Heart-shaped Distinguishing features: Scarring across chest, under collarbone, reads: LONER'S. Track marks. Scars on back of calf, appears to be skin grafts. Hair colour: Unknown, constantly dyed Hair style: Unknown, constantly changes Complexion: No visible flaws, likely due to makeup. Posture: Either horribly slouched or standing straight with chest pushed out - no in between Tattoos: Paw print tattoos across back, wrapping around hip and presumably down towards nethers - extremely trashy. Piercings: Several on both ears Typical clothing: Club wear, or tank tops and jeans Personality Likes: Drugs, sex, rock and roll, etc. Dislikes: Snitches, narcs, cowards Education: Some higher education, but lacks a degree Fears: Total memory loss, "fucking snakes", commitment Personal goals: Unknown General attitude: Aloof, optimistic, free-spirited. Conversely, violent and abusive. Likely mentally ill. Religious values: Pagan, alternative religious beliefs. General intelligence: Average General sociability: Sociable, enjoys like-minded company Health Illnesses (if any): Addictions (multiple drugs) Allergies (if any): Unknown Sleeping habits: Unknown Energy level: High Eating habits: Mostly junk food; pizza, nachos, noodles, chips, chocolate, etc. Memory: Hindered, extent unknown Any unhealthy habits: Drugs. A lot of drugs. And alcohol binges. Relationships Parents: Unknown Siblings: None Any enemies (and why): Cops, rival drug dealers Children: None Friends: Payton, 'Bystander', 'Smokey', 'Tiger', 'Loner' Combat Peaceful or violent: Extremely violent Weapon (if applicable): AA12, anything she can get her hands on Style of fighting: Spray and pray, improvised
  5. Afterglow [Drug]

    It's come to my attention that a very similar app was already passed; main differences being that the other comes in powder/pill form, incorporates nanobots, symptoms are dormant until a trigger is present, and is not addictive (though people may become dependant due to its usefulness) while Afterglow is a liquid, purely chemical, is immediately active upon taking a dose, and is highly addictive with numerous negative side effects for both short and long term. Personally, I'm unsure if the nuances are different enough to warrant this app. Please advise.
  6. Afterglow [Drug]

    Name: Afterglow     Description: A liquid that ranges from a translucent pale pink to a more opaque vibrant magenta. The color seems to be completely irrelevant to the strength of the batch, and more of an aesthetic choice made by the creator. It’s often distributed in a 1.7 oz glass vial with a squeeze dropper top, but requests up to 4.25 oz can be made. It’s referred to as a “club drug”, being highly recommended for nights out and not for daily use. Can be visually mistaken for "Love Potions", but lacks romantic inclinations and susceptibility to suggestions.   How does it work: Similar in compound to MDMA, Afterglow works by increasing use of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin already produced by the body - in addition to kicking production of said chemicals into overdrive. The result is an active high that creates a feeling of euphoria and increase in energy. Due to the flood of hormones and chemicals, users will be more social with the people around them. The effects typically last four hours when given a proper dose, but can last upwards of six to seven. When the drug wears off, it can leave the body’s production and storage of the aforementioned chemicals crippled, causing a variety of mood and behavior problems. The “crash” caused by Afterglow typically entails restless sleep, decreased appetite, rampant anxiety, memory problems, high aggression, and suicidal depression. The intensity of the crash can be lessened by taking 5-HTP (helps production of lost chemicals), melatonin, and an array of usual supplements or multi-vitamins. It is not recommended to use more often than once a week, though addicts may take the drug constantly to avoid coming down.   Everyone’s dosage may vary, but a good rule of thumb is to take one drop orally for every 50 lbs. the person weighs. For more intense highs, users may (safely) take an additional dose equal to half of their usual. Overdose or death is more likely when combined with other drugs or alcohol. An overdose usually presents itself as dangerously high body temperature, dehydration, difficulty breathing, seizures, panic attacks, and fainting. Treatment options include cold compress (or hyperthermia), intravenous fluids (for dehydration), and breathing tubes (for compromised respiratory function).         Flavor text: The creator, a woman only known as ‘Civilian’, developed the drug after becoming hooked on other synthetic drugs  unrelated to the MDMA variant. Her addictions burned a hole in her wallet due to the increasing amount needed to chase the same highs. After some time, she decided to create her own stronger street treats. Afterglow (formerly known as Euphoria) was a drug she had never intended to use herself, and was instead made for someone else who wanted to raise their club reviews by spiking drinks with a mood-boosting drug. It was created exclusively in liquid form due to pills and powders not always reliably dissolving in drinks. While Civilian no longer provides for that club, the drug is still in production for her personal use and is occasionally sold/given to her friends for recreational purposes. Civilian personally uses the drug as an antidepressant and for lowered inhibitions that allow her to commit occasional heinous acts of violence.   Abilities/Limitations   All effects are for during use unless otherwise specified. Note that not all negative side effects will be guaranteed to occur during or after use, but most positive and neutral effects are.   Limitations:   Only affects most organic beings Highly illegal Difficult to obtain (for now)     Side Effects (Pros):   Increased mood Increased energy Increased empathy Increased sociability Increased perception/focus   Side Effects (Neutral/Both):   Decreased appetite Decreased inhibitions Decreased response to pain Increased trust of people     Side Effects (Cons):   Highly addictive Easy to overdose Dehydration Muscle spasms/tension Blurred vision Nausea Sensory overload Dangerously high body temp Increased tolerance for deplorable actions Insomnia (before & after use) Anxiety (normally after use, YMMV) Memory problems (after constant use) Irritability/aggression (after use) Suicidal depression (after use)   Intended use: More often than not used recreationally by people who party. Some people self-medicate - via constant use - for depression. It’s simply a drug to make one feel better about themselves or their current situation, but is high (haha) risk for minimal reward. Recommended for hardcore drug addict or drug dealer characters. Also intended to add variety to space-age drugs and bolster illegal trade/activity.         Attainability: Semi-closed, as it is currently only produced by one person and must be obtained by her or other people who have it.         Tags: Civilian - poses a risk only to organic beings and was not created with malicious intent.         Category: Medical (Drugs)
  7. // Civilian's Memory Vlogs //

    // User Gone-For-Broke uploads a video titled “Soon” at 2:18 AM //   At first it’s hard to see; everything is dark. Then a flicker of dull light appears, showing what seem to be four figures by a couch. As it brightens and evens out, it’s clear that whoever it is is plopped on a couch watching a television or screen of some sort. Despite the images unseen by the audience, there was no sound.   The woman, seated to the right, says nothing. Instead she brings a bowl closer to her chin and scoops something into her mouth, which then crunches loudly as she chews. The man sitting next to her, on the left, looks worse for wear. His face is gaunt, eye sockets dark and sunken in and he wears only a pair of boxer shorts. In addition to this, he doesn’t move. He doesn’t even blink. His head merely tilts to the side limply.   Crunch. Crunch. Munch, crunch, munchmunch.   Behind the couch is a wall where a most macabre sight becomes clear the longer one looks. Two bodies hanging from metal rods. The first is missing both legs, an arm, and its head. The other is missing both arms, one leg, and has the same face as the man sitting on the couch. The occasional glint of frayed wires suggest that these are synthetic, but to those not well versed in cybernetics the view still may seem disturbing.   The woman continues to eat cereal, seemingly unfazed by the bits and pieces of cyborg laying about the room. Eventually she stops mid-chew to look at the motionless bot. There was a long moment where the warm electric glow flashed from cool tones to warm and back again.   Crunch.   She adjusts, kissing the deactivated cyborg on the lips, and then leans against his shoulder where the video ends. // Comments are disabled. //
  8. Outrun Radio feat. DJ Cherry

    // After more than a week of silence, the janky little station comes back to life with a background of funky beats and the familiar, raspy voice of the host. //   Man, oh, man. It’s been too long, hasn’t it? Dropped off the face of the, well-- uh, whatever planet I guess right when things were heating up. I promise y’all I didn’t get into trouble while I was gone, even with all the riots, pirating, and that one race I haven’t been following. In fact, I’ve been sitting my ass on my ship trying to make myself a boyfriend. Cyborgs are great like that, huh? Ahahah. No, but seriously, I need help hooking up this bio-brain into the metal head casing so if anyone knows how to do that, that’d be greeaaaaat.   Anyway, a fancy new club is opening up on Haven god knows why, I heard there were bombs going off down there called, uh, Club… Solus. Club Solus, yeah. The grand opening was delayed and, according to some dude who may or may not be associated with the club, it’ll be opening to the public tonight. Super exciting stuff, can’t wait to be denied entry by the bouncer. So, let’s give it to him with a nice little homage by the Studio Killers.   In a similar vein, Vokwell’s is open on Dhaid and immigration has been opened. Well, technically it was open, but now the requirements are a bit more lax so it’s easier to get your foot in the door. Just be aware of the clothing policy before you go. If you don’t have the proper coverage, some will be provided for you. Isn’t that nice? I probably won’t be visiting anytime soon, since I love my crop tops too much, but hookah and “dancers” sound like a good time.   More seriously, and likely to be a PSA to those uninformed, there has been an increase in pirate activity along the trade routes in the Fringe. Multiple cargo ships have been found empty and floating with no sign of living crew. It’s also entirely possible that smaller, personal ships have also been attacked but have not been reported due to disappearances being rather commonplace. In one such event, it was revealed that a… oh, come the fuck on. It was a penguin? Seriously? Ugh, whatever. Apparently a cute little bird is behind these recent brutal attacks. Stay safe with a boom stick full of birdshot, friends.   And remember, even when things are grim, you’re gonna make it. And I’m gonna make it wit’ chu.      
  9. // Needed: Cybernetics Specialist //

    // User Neon-Demon tags Lange [[ @Short-Factor ]] in a post // We have business to discuss.
  10. Outrun Radio feat. DJ Cherry

    // Cherry’s broadcast comes back to life after another mysterious, lengthy absence of the self-proclaimed DJ. She sounds out of it, higher than a kite but in a relatively good mood regardless. //   Good afternoon, galaxy gals and blackhole bros. Some brand-spankin’ new info tells me that despite these trying times, people are still managing to have their own version of fun. Just minutes ago a Nova was reported to have been strung up on a billboard in Haven, with… nobody really seeming to give a shit why or attempting to help them down. Said Nova cut themselves down not too long later with the aid of their brand fuckin’ cheater.   I’m pretty sure you all already know about the other incidences of unrest on Haven following a dramatic reveal of some sort of puppet government. Protests, riots, general unsafe vibes, etcetera, etcetera. You get it. If not, browse the Nexus. Today’s theme for movin’ grooves is politics. Which, I guess doesn’t sound all that exciting but whatever. Relevancy, yaaaaaay! Here’s Killer Mike with the song Reagan, which coincidentally mentions puppet presidents. Go figure.    
  11. A Belated "I'm Baaaaaaaack" Thread

    TFW you try to view someone's profile to jog your memory on who they are, but it's broken
  12. You know, if my constant posting on the forums and sporadic appearances on the server wasn't enough of an indicator, here's a post that somehow makes it all the more "official". But before all the "wb" and shitposts, I wanted to apologize to anyone's whose toes I may I have stepped on about a year(+) ago. I wasn't in a good place mentally, and combined with increasing OOC drama without any solid resolution I was extremely frustrated and lashed out at anyone that (seemingly) made things more difficult. That definitely was not fair or deserved; so for that I'm sorry. Moving away from sob-story bullshit, I plan on being mostly active on the forums since work cuts into a lot of what used to be free weekday playtime.   So, yeah. I'm shit at conclusions. Have at it.
  13. // Haven Stands. Shadows fall. //

    // User DJ Cherry replies // Ooooh, boy. This is juicy.
  14. Outrun Radio feat. DJ Cherry

    // The feed blares back to life with the tinny sound of a high hat and doots of a trumpet in the background. DJ Cherry begins to speak. // "Breaking news, my precious starbabies - a rogue Atlas robot reportedly attempted to go on a civilian slaying rampage after being tampered with a being known only as "Heidrekr Mark 2" on the Nexus. Haven Times details the harrowing event that concluded when none other than Lange Avalice pulled his signature plasma blade. While everything seems to have wrapped up on a relatively positive note, one can't help but wonder how the event was even allowed to unfold in the first place." DJ Cherry pauses for a moment - likely waiting for input from any listeners - then resumes. "My money's on gross negligence on behalf of the Atlas Corp., where the prototype was pulled from overstock without proper authorization. Atlas CEO Lloyd released a statement assuring that the person responsible is being dealt with and that the lack of preventive tamper-proof technology is to be addressed. Unfortunately, it's entirely possible that more of the work droids could be compromised and the absence of these security measures is indeed troubling." "That's not even touching the lack of police presence on Haven as the incident began to unfold, considering the guard that dealt the fatal blow had teleported down from places unknown. This event comes just ten days after a deadly attack where Haven Guard experienced struggles with stopping a belligerent criminal and incurred heavy injury in the process. As the attacks on Haven increase in frequency, the failings of the Guard become increasingly more obvious - to me, at least." "My advice for those of you that live or frequently visit there is to strap up with your own reliable weapon. Or, perhaps, have a pint and wait for it all to blow over. At any rate, I've got some new grooves for you all - so here's a little song about a failing justice system. Seems to be topical enough, yeah?"    
  15. // Needed: Cybernetics Specialist //

    // User Neon-Demon replies. // I will consider the offer.