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  1. "Paper Cranes" Talent Agency!

    //User "Agamemnon" would submit a form.// Name: Masuku or Mask Race: Nuer'vitan Skillset: Lyrical Performer Criminal History: None that I know of in the Fringe. Contact Information: Sending me a message on the Nexus would be more than enough.
  2. Back on the trail!

      What are you all looking at me for? o-o
  3. Need some advice/Opinions.

    Give him a nervous/mental breakdown. Realizing that mankind is inherently greedy and self-destructive, Jet decides to take advantage of man's folly by manipulating his emotions on a whim to get what he wants. 'People are a sucker for performances after all', he thinks in his head, as a twisted smile curls upon his face.
  4. Need some advice/Opinions.

    If you don't want to lose whatever interactions you had with other players, you can make up IC excuses for their change in behavior.  For example, if your character is a wimp and you want them to be buff and strong and ballsy, you send them to Military Camp. Conversely, if they're an ass and you want them to be more kind and considerate, you send them to counseling.  Your character have a drug addiction you want to lose? Send them to rehab? Is it something that's completely impossible to change through normal means? Hypnotism/Specialized Psychology.    You have lots of options to choose from, and you're not going to be in trouble for changing your character based on mental attitudes. 
  5. How do YOU Build?

    Topic of the post is pretty much in the title above. I'm looking for tips, tricks, and advice for all you fancy builders out there! When constructing a large-ish build (Or in this instance, a planet-sized build that also extends underground), where would you first start? Would you build starting from underground to the top, or would you build top-to-bottom? Do you like building the actual buildings first and then adding natural terrain or do you it vice-versa?    Whatever info you have on how to make a successful pretty build/hub, lay it on me; this info can probably be used by everyone else so that they can make pretty hubs as well.     I have this nice, terrain-generated plot of land, so what should I do? I hope to hear back from all of you professional builders!        
  6. When did you start?

    July 2014 as well.
  7. It's Time

    Of course put your education above this silly ole' RP website. Hope you manage to succeed. (I can still expect that master chef for dinner reservations, yes?)
  8. Hubs - Now With Meaning!

    What about a hub that would technically involve multiple spheres of influence from multiple factions. IE. Trading Station, Shopping Mall, etc.? That way, it would constantly involve faction interaction, perhaps faction undermining, but by no means would it involve bang bang you're dead conflict.
  9. //Looking For Volunteers//

    //User "Agamemnon" Posts Again// User "Cajunmama", otherwise known as Sandra Dumont, I would be very appreciative if you were to come back to my ship one more time. I wish to apologize for the events from the previous nights in person, as well as give you something as a message of apology. You don't have to accept it, though if you do, it'll be most grateful."
  10. //Looking For Volunteers//

    "I'll see if my employer can offer you monetary compensation. In the meantime,expect to be called shortly within 1-2 business days."
  11. //Looking For Volunteers//

    //User Responds// "I'm afraid, that even if they can be folded, they would greatly interfere with the operations of the bionic assistant. We can't have you control 6 different limbs at once, so I'm sorry to inform you that you can't participate in the experiment."
  12. //Looking For Volunteers//

    //User Responds// "Are these wings on your back?"
  13. Veterans?

    *Cough Cough My Arthritis, Appendicitis, and Dementia  Cough*
  14. //Looking For Volunteers//

    //User Replies// "As much as I would love to trust random nexus strangers, I'm afraid i can't. If you can, give me your name, species, and any special conditions/diseases or otherwise that you may have."
  15. Howdy! (Send help... Oh god.. lost..)

    Well, in terms of Combat Roleplay or CRP for short, it's best to follow a  "Play to Lose" kinda style. In all cases however, work out what happens with your character with your opponent. Mostly important, KNOW YOUR CONSENT RULES. If you don't know, you'll soon find that you've lost it.