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  1. What happened?...

    What am i reading?  
  2. What happened?...

    Hey, I'm DS. I don't come on here often. I play on another server, but thats not why I'm here. I'm here to ask what happened to Galactic Citizen? When I first joined, I saw a lot of problems, like over 10 hubs but only 1 was used at a given moment. People always said 'snowflakes' live here, which I guess means people they rely on their details instead of a personality.   Appearently theres more problems than I even know, to the point a certain player logged into our server and scared everyone with their meer presence. I'm not saying they are at fault... or the server. I'm speaking as my own person. And I wanna know why is GC considered bad?...
  3. Kinda expected you here, Bartender. Also that statement by @GlitchTheFox concerns me. x_x  
  4. To all who have seen Murmur the space alien and DS-200 the mini-gun armed automaton, I'm that guy! I need to start making money, so I've decided to mooch off my inborne art skills Everyone check out my DeviantArt if you want, maybe even ask for a commision, I'm very new to bare with me if I offend someone. http://dsthesecond.deviantart.com/ Hope y'all enjoy my art Stay strong, guys. ~Dsthesecond