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  1. // An Announcement From the Senate //

    //User _Apollo_ replies.// I would urge all of those who have been in and out of Corrav in the past 2-3 weeks, to please make your way to Haven's hospital for evaluation. Thank you. -Kannon Iverso

    GC-RELATED DISCORD LIST The following are invites for every public gc-related discord here. Message me if you want your discord on here or if one of the links no longer works. Galaxy Citizen Haven discord al-Dhaid discord Visitant terminal Exploration discord Anoloa discord Chinaut discord Shin'kali discord Vokwell's Hellwalker discord
  3. LILIUM: Coroner and Funeral Home **HIRING**

    //User _Apollo_ posts an announcement to head the webpage.// We are pleased to announce that LILIUM purchased the Haven hospital. With this, we will be expanding to add a branch to Haven, as well as work to make our cloning in-house. Our service comes first, and we will do our best to continue giving the premium in cloning and insurance, but please be patient with replies during this busy time. Thank you!
  4. Kannon Iverso

    General Kannon Iverso is a small Floran with nervous tendencies. She is an entrepreneur, having founded the up and coming LILIUM cloning company, recently acquired the Haven hospital, and working as a medic when she is needed. She is very business minded, but does not let her ambition get ahead of her morals and consume her all together. She likes to consider herself an amateur adventurer, as since she has survived the treachery of Indiana Bones she has a taste for stepping out of her comfort zone more and more. The addition of her Qarin [SLOW CHEETAH] has also aided her in her newfound bravery. Appearance   Spoiler           Personality An emotionally troubled go-getter, Kannon does what she can to be a nice, productive business woman despite the hardships of her anxiety. She uses her business to help others, as it is her main drive in life. She is intelligent, despite her speech still being distinctly Floran and implying otherwise. She does her hardest to look more professional when compared to other Florans. Often she is lost in her observation of the world around her, and shies away from being close to others. 
  5. The Anoloas

    I just wanted to post a little thing to say, the butterfly babes are alive again! If you're interested in playing one, we have a discord where you can hang out and talk to other players who'd be open to help you! Expect big things to come!! https://discord.gg/QVa7zfU I have a 5 minute wait period until you can post, just to make sure I can get you the right ranks and such!!
  6. Oh, How You've Grown.

    Finally Oh my goodness
  7. Oh, How You've Grown.

    Hopefully this can post ;-; Wowgain's new profile picture I drew for his promotion. I keep attempting to post it here but it doesn't want to work.  ;-;
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  9. Oh, How You've Grown. A profile pic for @WowGain's promotion. uwu

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      Side note: posting it here sine the gallery is borked.

  10. On behalf of all of the members, I'd like to thank the staff team for their speedy response to the deletion of the old Discord and especially Woogl for having all this mess happen on his first night as admin. You all are doing a really good job. I understand how stressful this must be and I hope you're doing well. <3








    You can do it boo. <3

    1. PrivateNomad

      god i had to stay up late because of this



    //LILIUM updates the post.//  We wish to thank the user who sent the information in. We send our deepest condolences to the family, whom we have gotten in contact with. Hopefully we hear from them soon. //LILIUM locks the thread from further replies.//

      //Company LILIUM makes a post to the Nexus.//   JANE DOE FOUND NEAR THIRSTY RAVEN   Her assumed age is between 13 and 15. She is an Apex with brown colored hair. She was found wearing Gary Noose shirt and light colored jeans. She was missing one shoe. Her apparent cause of death was maiming. She seems to have been mauled by some animal, however, there also appears to be acid burns caused by a sticky residue on her skin. Time of death is estimated to have been around 5 days ago sometime.   If you have some information to the identity or family of this young girl, please contact a LILIUM representative so that she may be put to rest. //The LILIUM contact information was listed at the end of the post.//
  13. LILIUM: Coroner and Funeral Home **HIRING**

    //User _Apollo_ posts.// We have updated with some new and pertinent information, such as announcing our new partnership and updating our tissue sales information. 
  14. Server Budget Solution!

    We've already switched forums once. That was bad enough. Doing it again would be horrible. Wix also isn't as reliable or as manageable as our current forums. Having PMs through email would be horrid. It would just complicate things more than they would need to be. Plus it would be infinitely harder for the staff to moderate since they don't jurisdiction over emails seeing as they would be separate from the website itself.  Sorry you're getting such a negative response, it's just not the fix we're looking for. 
  15. hello, im dead inside

    Welcome! I hope you have a good time here. It's always great to see another artist too! The community can be a bit abrasive at times, but its a fun place nonetheless. As for only being able to get online during weekends, you shouldn't have to worry much! Most roleplay happens during the weekend anyhow. We have a discord, and if you're having any trouble at all I'm sure someone would be around to help. ouo See you around!!