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  1. /// The Atlas Corporation. ///

    //You've been vouched for. Welcome.
  2. //Odd Signal Detected\\

    Character Name: ATL- 452Discord ID: you have mePurpose:  The robot is being sent because Atlas has interest in the signals. The robot has been upgraded in terms of chassis and level of VI. It's meant to last given the unsure nature of the signal.Consent: It's a robot, go nuts.
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  4. // Solus club closed //

    // Charlie Replies. "Uhhh. Maybe Calypso? There are more places than Haven y'know."
  5. /// The Atlas Corporation. ///

    //You've been denied, every soldier should know that killing is the last step.
  6. /// The Atlas Corporation. ///

    (( Sorry I'm late, busy week. Fucking bonus points for the diploma and shit. )) //You've been added under the experimental Exploration Branch, given that it seems to align with your interests more. If you do not like this, a department change can be arranged at will.
  7. // Sarracenia Subdued //

  8. // Sarracenia Subdued //

    (( To my knowledge, the staff discussed an amount of time to give you to reply. My personal belief is that if someone doesn't care enough to come back to their creation atleast weekly, why should they care if the active members use it? ))
  9. // Atlas News Returns. //

    The Atlas Corporation. News for the week of 6/12/84 onward - [ If you wish to join The Atlas Corporation, you can visit our thread here. ]   [You know, part of the reason I dropped the whole media-dark policy is because I was so fuckin’ busy.]     // An announcement circulates that Atlas is beginning to enable the production of media. // Greetings Fringe, this is ATL-030, a news robot designed with the specific purpose of informing the public that this unit has been re-enabled for production of news. Cause of disabling is listed as: hiatus.   Firstly, to catch up on the past few weeks, Atlas would like to announce that it is proudly experimenting with interstellar ships and expects a market to form for them in the near future. Atlas is testing the current models to ensure that they are safe for civilian usage. One such test has been conducted in the Lesath system, where multiple successive launches from a large ship were carried out with no trouble. History is in the making for Atlas.   Secondly, Atlas has begin the construction of a massive space station in orbit of Lapetus, this station is concepted to have civilian residences, who can get a relatively inexpensive roof over their head with the best view of a gas giant in the galaxy. It is said to be stationed further up from the clouds of Lapetus to allow for more freedom of movement and ease of trade.The project is currently unnamed but Atlas is said to be laying the first pillars next week.   Thirdly, in the time that this news program has been gone, Atlas’ resource acquisition has changed drastically. We have developed a new way of mining and have begun employing it on fronts such as Nomeldros. The central complex of our operations there has been officially completed and Human operators have long since arrived. The station is fully functional and two massive extensions along the coastline are planned for immediate construction. This has lead to a spike in Atlas resource reserves, a spike, according to board members, that is going towards ship manufacturing as Atlas has developed new classes of ship for usage, among these are research craft, surveyors, motherships, fighter containment rigs, mass haulers and tankers.   Atlas has also recently completed an expedition to a ruin located far away from Haven, the finds however, have not been announced.   Atlas has released a statement that it plans to begin colonization of Clymene sometime within the next few months. This will be a momentous task for the group and will serve as a place for refugees from Old Atlas Federation space, given there are any. This will be Atlas’ residential capital, where people may live and work.This is Atlas’ gift to all of the tortured souls of the past. Our manifest destiny.   Atlas’ robotic program is ever-expanding, bulk purchases of consumer-grade Atlas work robots have been authorized   Atlas has successfully created a new exploration department.   And finally, Shawn Rhodes himself has made return this week, only to apologize, and be forgiven by Lloyd himself. Has this war of words finally come to an end?   That’s all for this week. Have a productive day.
  10. // A Perhaps Not So Welcome Return //

    /// Lloyd Replies, finally. "Everybody wondered where you were when it was only Donn and I that made up our once-great Federal military. We thought about what had happened, and why we couldn't return to Vulcan or Olympus to save our people, Matt disappeared, Regala left for a time, you were nowhere to be found and, against my better judgement, I stepped up and seized power. Atlas deserves a leader that will keep the promises of the past and to rebuild what once was. I've been successful so-far. But all previous High Atlases were until they lost their spark and left. I'm committed to not recreating the same situation with my Atlas. I want to give these people the lives that they had years ago, I want to rebuild Matt's legacy. I'm surprised you apologized. I guess that since I'm so persistent about fixing the past, I shouldn't exempt you from the same rules."
  11. /// The Atlas Corporation. ///

    //Martian experience could be useful for further development of technology. Welcome.
  12. harder than it looks.  planned the exact thing for Atlas   Prepare for: -Me already having all the people lol conflicting timezones people not wanting to RP goddamn discord a lot of time consuming planning boring forum meetups to arrange shit for hubs if youre going about this the way i was going to   Tips from a survivor
  13. landing pad for small landing craft because why allow people's overly large ships to land inside of an Atmosphere. Plus they take up a lot of space and would generally look bad with the rest of the hub unless it was designed to be consistently massive.
  14. // Atlas gone invisible?

    // User yodudefuckdizma leaves a thread on some Nexus whatever. "Anybody notice a distinct lack of Atlas news for the past few weeks? I thought they had the whole process automated."