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  1. GC's setting feels too hopeless

    Antagonism is subjective. Lloyd for example is searching to save the people that were left years ago after the fall of Olympus. There is hope but that hope usually falls with the group.  Atlas can be seen as some evil, manipulating supercorporation but in reality, it's a tool I'm trying to give people to actually have something to Rp for. Something that tied back in to the server and something that felt like work. In my case, it's not antagonism, it's opportunism.  What keeps the powers of haven at each others throats are biased people in the government such as von Quinn. Without a good figurehead for the main power of the server, there will always be combat and tension.  Those people you saw brutalizing whoever had their reasons, it was more than likely justified to them, not you.   Tldr just because there isn't your type of hope doesn't mean there's no hope.
  2. // Haven Stands. Shadows fall. //

    /// Lloyd Replies. "The way that this conversation is presented implies that I agreed with Saqqaf.  The members of this business club are not all friends, it is actually a gathering of politically important figures in the Fringe to discuss politics, though it has not met many times. This has been done before. In history, important members of society seek higher company, people that can share experiences with them. " "Also, the incident today is completely unrelated to Saqqaf." (( Saqqaf and the person who did it are both played by the same person though.))
  3. // HAVEN TIMES △ Citizens Outraged! //

    // Lloyd Replies. "They act like a business club was the biggest thing ever when it met about four times and contained political powers. It is a club for important figures in the Fringe. "
  4. // Atlas' Clarification. //

    The Atlas Corporation. Greetings Fringe, round two of today's news here. After today's stolen Atlas work robot attacked a man on Haven today, Grand Protecter Quinn has ordered Atlas robots off of Haven as per: Spoiler Atlas will comply with the request but would also like to remain as transparent with this as possible to the Haven people. The man who did this has accepted responsibility for his actions, but Haven, in order to calm its population, has ordered sanctions on those not at fault.  In the words of the man at fault:  "That was my robot, a plaything, nothing Atlas affiliated other than the faceplate." Some of you believe Atlas to be malicious, but we ask, who is making you think this way? Who are the people that speak closest to your minds and do they tell the whole truth? It is important to never give in to political bias on either side and to form your own opinions. Atlas would like to announce that the man stabbed has been cared for and concepting for additional controls for Atlas robots is already underway.
  5. // Lloyd replies. "Actually, this is a modified work robot, it seems to have been tampered with, having its VI modified. Given descriptions of its behaviour, Atlas believes that this project was intentional, and the proper punishments are being distributed to the man who created this thing." "With their standard configuration, Atlas work robots are not actually capable of combat, as many of them are deemed fit for work only and not build to take any form of extensive damage. Our combat platform us already more heavily secured as many weapons should be."
  6. // Atlas Robot Reclaimed. //

    The Atlas Corporation. Greetings Fringe, moments ago a man was stabbed by a rampant Atlas robot on Haven, Atlas force was quickly dispatched to reclaim the robot, but the man took a stab wound. He is currently in care and is expected to live and recover quickly. The robot was manufactured by an Atlas employee that no longer has access to the resources he used.  This situation could have been worse, but the robot is being destroyed and the man behind it has had all access blocked. Better systems to prevent people like this from getting power over our machine programs are being put in place, remote shutdowns are being planned.
  7. Uhm.. Atlas?

    /// Lloyd Replies. Shouldn't be doing that. Someone might have gotten ahold of one. -Edit: The robot has been reclaimed and has been disposed of.
  8. Atlas news was held last week because of event prep, which will become a large news story when the event ends.

  9. Forum Cleanup/Making It More Welcoming

    I agree. Expect it to be brought up during the next staff meeting this friday.
  10. Where's all the people?

    Finals season. Plus the staff made the bad decision of opening a Minecraft server for however long.
  11. The Atlas Corporation. Atlas has released a new business initiative as of today, this project is designed to benefit small businesses and allow more of them to expand at a faster rate using Atlas. Any entrepreneur with a profitable business startup or idea may contact an Atlas official and request to be put through to the CEO to discuss. This is a simple system, an entrepreneur discusses his business idea or monetary needs to Atlas, and if they are deemed promising, they will be given a sum of money and be licensed under Atlas, which will permit your business to be protected under Atlas if the territory it is seated in allows it. It will have access to Atlas' automated worker reserve be it a rather laborious job, and it will be exempt from many taxes in Atlas-owned areas such as Lapetus. This offer extends to Haven startup companies as well, as an attempt to bring more industry into the area, though privatised armies would probably not bode well with the Haven senate, so protection will have to be delegated to Haven officials. Other than that, the process is the same. Atlas, in order to keep stability, will need to discuss  Any company you may be dreaming up is possible now with Atlas' startup initiative, build your dreams and your company at the same time today. [Either PM Lloyd on the forums or Discord Tylenol#0478]
  12. /// The Atlas Corporation. /// [New Page]

    //Again, a strong protective service is imperative to Atlas' survival. (( Here. ))
  13. The Atlas Corporation. News for the week of 4/28/84 - 5/7/84. [ If you wish to join The Atlas Corporation, you can visit our thread here. ] Greetings Fringe, this is ATL-030, a news robot designed with the specific purpose of informing the public. Atlas has reportedly begun drafting a new startup company funding initiative, while this is very early in development, it may prove useful to entrepreneurs of all classes. While Atlas' supplies of resources have grown slightly, massive amounts of raw commodities have been contributed to Nomeldros, it is expected to soon receive the first Human operators. The Haven Government has not issued statements on Atlas' offer for excess robots, the offer still stands as of this minute. The Metis shipyard has begin stocking blueprints for many different designs of ship, production will wait until Nomeldros is operational, it will provide the bulk of what is required. Atlas CEO Lloyd recently did a news interview with an independent source about Atlas' project 'Athanasius.' Spoiler -A portion of an interview with Lloyd is played- The feed is of Lloyd seated in a chair against a black background, a light is shined against him, allowing the viewers to clearly see that it was him. He looked more tired than he did in his last public appearance during his speech. A clearly Female Human voice speaks from behind the camera. "So, you've hinted that project Athanasius cannot be completed with currently-existing Atlas research, what does that actually mean?" "Well. It could, it's just take a hell of a lot longer, I remember a place, long forgotten by the people that came before me. It was inhospitable in the classic way that Atlas chooses its settlements. I remember it was made for research under the Federal title. -He pauses- I met Matt there, and a while after the Federation fell, I would visit and ensure everything was nice. During one of the teleporter network disasters, the link was lost and I fear it's gone. But I want closure so I'm putting an immense startup towards an expedition to uncover the secrets of the past. This is as much for me as it is for the people of Old Atlas, I want closure, to see what happened during Shawn's rule." "Interesting. What do you expect to find wherever this place is?" "Answers."   According to rumors, an untelevised speech was held by Lloyd a few days ago, to a small crowd of people in which he detailed his intent to unbury the Atlas of the past and discover the answers to the long dark period. That's all for this week. Have a productive day. ------------------------------------OOC------------------------------------ Hey, I'd like to apologize for my lack of real activity recently, I feel like I'm pushing out meaningless words when I say that I am working on things for Atlas, but it really is all that I can say without laying out an entire story plan that I have been creating. The story bridging all the way from an airborne division of troops, to a Federation of millions, to a shell of it's former self after its capital was taken from it. It then finds the spark of leadership between two men in a bar and springs back into power almost immediately. Now it seeks for answers lying in the past, buried by the old ruler that did nothing. Atlas' story is actively being both thought of and expanded upon every day. I understand that I trash people for being inactive, but as a first timer, it is hard to balance my classes during finals prep with an organization with over 50 people. I will do my best to keep the story under wraps, but a few people and I have laid out potential plot twists and major enemies of Atlas. We aren't going to remain a corporation forever, let the inspiration of two men lead way into an empire that will span stars, vying for the taste of its former glory. @Dreadnaught started this story when he created Atlas and Shawn paused it, I want to fill that massive gap with an interesting turn of events for the server's long-lasting giant, don't lose hope in me because I'm just going through some rough times. I'll get the fuck over it and hit Atlas like a truck for the third time. Until then, be active on the server without me, enjoy your time on GC while the behind-the-scenes is handled, use your enrollment in Atlas as a chance to expand your character's horizons, to achieve your personal story, to make GC greater. I am the tool that you may use to benefit all of us. I don't need to direct every move, be self-sufficient in these difficult times. I'm too stubborn to quit anyway. Long story short, I am working. Do your best, Respect women. Spoiler Actually, a lot of the work was digging up all of the old Atlas stuff that makes an appearance. This, for example, was the Federal insignia, used before the fall of Olympus and up to when Lloyd adopted the new one.    
  14. I cannot post statuses

    I'll go ahead and throw this in staff chat. Afraid it's out of my power to fix though, there's a massive issue with the framework of the site (I believe) and Haydee needs to be contacted to fix it. You know how active he is.
  15. The Atlas Corporation. News for the week of 4/23/84 - 4/28/84. [ If you wish to join The Atlas Corporation, you can visit our thread here. ] Greetings Fringe, this is ATL-030, a news robot designed with the specific purpose of informing the public.   First as of this week is that Atlas has declared that to ease further tensions between Haven and the Corporation, it will share Nomeldros with Haven, if it has plans to colonize. Atlas is still carrying out its industrial agenda on the inhospitable moon as of today. Lloyd urges the Senate to contact him if they have questions. Next, robot production has temporarily plateaued due to the lack of demand for Nomeldros, the Corporation will begin offering the small amount of combat models available to the Haven Guard, as discussed with High Commander Centam Halcard. Excess resources from this plateau are being refined and stored for future use. The Metis shipyard has begun production of ships for Atlas, notably creating the pre-production models of merchanting ships and cargo haulers. There will be more on this announcement as the project further develops.  Project  Athanasius, the vague project being worked on by the Atlas Engineering firm has made significant progress, but something still remains to top off the research, something that lies buried in the past according to Lloyd. Atlas has announced plans to recapture star systems that the company used to own before the fall of the old capital planet, Olympus. This has been said to be peaceful in nature as many of Atlas' planets were home to research bases to begin with and this is a crucial step to truly finding out what happened to the Federation that the Atlas known today split from. Further on this, Atlas has announced an expedition and is searching for brave members within Atlas to face inhospitable circumstances in the name of the Corporation, this trip will be vital to the future of our Fringe operations. That's all for this week. Have a productive day.