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  1. Regarding Faction NPCs

    I guess so. It comes back to having people on as guards and me having a presence on the server. Which is lacking, since I've had not as much time to be on server. Don't want to burn myself out on this stuff either. Best way to do that is get more guards, but I'd rather them want to do it and sign up then go around and ask and get half hearted items. I'd also want them to have a good grasp on what I spoke of and Margury itself, which narrows the pool further. 
  2. Regarding Faction NPCs

    I could always have the rules pressed and make Colonel show off how bitter and isolationist he is, but that doesn't really work out to be enjoyable. No one wants their character to be arrested and put away to prison, or killed, to be the example until people understand the consequence. So I try to keep the punishment realistic without breaking someones fun, but not making Margury look like a pushover at the same time. It's such a fine balance between realism and consequence, fun and consent. One has to find the mix that makes the other person/people involved enjoy the experience, that the story is good, but makes sure that it's not handed to them as some type of invincible protagonist. I'd rather believe people can understand the setting without having to flex my virtual muscles on the server in that regard.
  3. Regarding Faction NPCs

    Hey, if you don't know me, which you probably might not, I roleplay the head of the guard and several other citizens of Margury. Hopefully I can help address some of this stuff here. Having these guards there does limit conflict. That's what it is supposed to do. Margury as a hub is a bit unorthodox from what we usually have here on GC. In my opinion, it doesn't fit most peoples wants for main hub, and that's coming from the one who is as closest involved in at as possible besides Randy. It's a place of law and not a very good representation of the Fringe at large. It's closer to an actual settlement with a sense of governance, which isn't fun or conducive for individual conflicts and violent events there. We realize that, but it opens up for other types of roleplay to be more sensibly played out and cater to types of roleplay that don't usually get much limelight in GC. The dreaded cafe RP can be sensible there, with actual law to defend those who simply want to sit and chat and make new acquaintances for further RP, as well as more lighthearted events types that don't involve violence can find an easy ground here. Guided events are much easier with a government that commissions people to be hired and a background of NPCs and a town for a psuedo-DM to rely on/pull from. Unfortunately our events have dwindled recently due to us being busy with IRL stuff, setting up more things for updates, and dealing with the massive influx of people on the hub. In a perfect world, there would be a player guard at all times to allow people to have that interaction and conflict. But as 409 and others said it's impractical. Should I get more player guards? I should, to be honest. I've only got two besides my characters. I'll admit I'm very picky on that front as playing a guard is a big role in representing the setting and me/Randy.  Now, I'm always for people having fun and making the best enjoyment out of playing here as they can. Ideas are always welcome to me for making things more enjoyable. But to compromise the setting and tone of something we've made to accommodate a roleplay type is just something I don't really feel comfortable with. It would whitewash Margury and take away RP from hubs that could and can cater to the types of RP Margury isn't conducive towards.