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  1. // the revolution begins.//

    //An anonymous user uploaded a drawing of SP.//
  2. // the revolution begins.//

    //User Valhalla would attempt to decipher the unknown language.//
  3. // Rakehell: My Story //

    // User Valhalla left a comment. // A trophy!? A fucking trophy of girl's head?! I won't stand for any of this shit, not one bit. Justice shall come to tear them apart. This is the lowest of lows of any blow to the people who live their lives here.
  4. Beep Beep Music

    I can do that; if you ever use them let me know. I'd be glad to see your work.
  5. //A signal from space.//

    //Silvia nodded, pressing the button- getting beamed off to the ship.// "I do not have a sheath." "I do have a stand on the asteroid though, you need to place me there to open the gate."
  6. //A signal from space.//

    "You'll know once we get to it- it's... hard to explain." //Silvia would be sitting at the side lines still.// "Can still go with, right?"
  7. //A signal from space.//

    "Did you check if there was anything inside it...?" "We need whats inside of there for the next step of freeing me."
  8. //A signal from space.//

    "It's where my automated response system was... the hologram." "Question, while exploring the asteroid did you find a large- ...person sized metal container?"
  9. //A signal from space.//

    "It's been a long time." "...and this isn't the final step." "I need you to find me a few things and bring them to the gate."
  10. //A signal from space.//

    //As his mind shattered into billions of bytes of data he'd give out his last words.// "Error." "Guess 1 w0n't die in v@2awd" //His voice would be distorted and twisted- breaking up into static before finally vanishing.// //The sword would begin to glow multiple colors before finally waking up the Diode's voice could be heard again- though it seemed to be a bit different from the hologram, more feminine in nature now.// "...is this real?"
  11. //A signal from space.//

    //Percent10 wouldn't do anything he just laid there with shivered breathes, the Diode would grow brighter the closer it got to him- if Lost were to test or figure this out a worried feeling would sweep over the Glitch.//
  12. //A signal from space.//

    //Silvia shook her head.// "They may be dumb- not dumb enough to near Percent10." "Not know he dead yet." //Percent10's body would shift a bit- the Diode would glow stronger as his hands tried to reach for something, anything... trying to drag himself away. Looks like he really hadn't bit the dust just yet.//
  13. //A signal from space.//

    //The sword would continue to shimmer, but the light would slowly be dying.//
  14. //A signal from space.//

    //If the sludgeskin were to grab their weapon the Diode would faintly glow.//  
  15. //A signal from space.//

    //Zero ports, no plug in- no power on, nothing, just a sword. It wasn't that heavy but it was still awkward to hold because of its large size.//