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  1. Crowebar_small.png

    Nah, explosions are /so/ 21st century
  2. Crowebar_small.png

    A request made by @Gun for having their character Crowebar drawn in their new outfit
  3. // Solus club closed //

    // User "Erica Fae" <efae_3200@solus.haven.nex> just created a new topic on the Solus Club and Haven announcement boards //   Dear guests of the Solus Club, From this morning on, the Solus Club will close its doors for an undetermined amount of time. This may be days, weeks, months and maybe even longer.  We are terribly sorry for this inconvenience and will do everything we can to re-open the club as soon as possible. Stay safe and have a wonderful day, Erica Fae Team Club Solus  
  4. // Solus pool closed //

    // User "Erica Fae" <efae_3200@solus.haven.nex> just left a reply! // The water is cleaned before we actually get to work and start our shifts. it gets tested (no, we don't drink it) and chlorine is added each day to keep the water clean from bacteria. Unless you see a literal piece of feces floating around, there's no reason to panic. Otherwise, you know where to find us at the club!
  5. // Solus pool closed //

    // User "Erica Fae" <efae_3200@solus.haven.nex> just left a reply! // I don't know, but if it is, I'll be buying you an STD test for both you and your boy
  6. // Solus pool closed //

    // User "Erica Fae" <efae_3200@solus.haven.nex> just created a new topic on the Solus Club and Haven announcement boards //   Dear guests of Club Solus, The pool at the second floor of the club will be closed for today and tomorrow after we had to raise the chlorine levels of the water in order to disinfect it. Our measuring tools alarmed us about the condition of the water even though the pH values and the chlorine levels were picture perfect. Because we don't want to take any chances, we'll be closing the pool at least until Thursday. We hope that you'll understand that we are only looking after our guests and that we want to assure you a happy, fun, but also a safe time in our pool! Of course, you're still welcome to come over and enjoy a drink at the bar, where we will gladly serve you! Stay tuned if you don't want to miss out on any other news! Your dearest regards, Erica Fae Team Club Solus
  7. // REVIEW: Don't visit Club Solus //

    // User "Erica Fae" <efae_3200@solus.haven.nex> just left a reply! // Zero stars? That's saddening to read, especially with the arguments used.

    // User "MarvinAintStarvin" <m.millano@cashncargo.nex> just left a reply // Holy burgersauce! Senate-to-be showing his nipples? This man's dead serious and has my everlasting respect. +1 for you, Senator Bro!
  9. One quick selfie before work!

    Ready for a shift at Club Solus, Erica (aka Amanda) took out her phone and made a quick "ready for work" selfie!
  10. // User "Erica Fae" <efae_3200@solus.haven.nex> just left a reply! // Hello, people of Haven! Not all of you might know me, but the guests of Club Solus most likely do! My name is Erica Fae and I started working at Club Solus about a week ago. I just wanted to thank you all for making this first week an unforgettable start of my - possibly - new career as a bartender at Club Solus. I've had a lot of fun serving you all and talking to each one of you and I hope that you all will come by and visit the club again, soon! Cheers! // Attached is a selfie of the lady known as Erica //  
  11. Calamity Island - the dry lands

    A little bit of art I made for the Calamity Island TV-show showing the dry lands being scouted by one of the deadbeats
  12. // A new blog post turns up on Ardent Fashion and is shared over more news websites about business and finances// // Author: "Jack Rayne Jr." - Date: 07-06-3284 // BREAKING NEWS! MELTING HEART'S' NEW CEO REVEALED! Recently, news came out that one and only CEO of Melting Heart's clothing, styling and wellness had suddenly decided to sell the clothing brand and trademark. Lorch Meltdown, who left off for a vacation in order to relieve some stress before he would get into another burnout, hasn't made a statement about the sale of - what he called - "his dreams and main goal in life". Today, the new CEO of Melting Heart's has made her appearance at the Styling and Wellness center. Employees and press both were surprised to find out that it was no one else than Khaleena Heartlock, owner of Fennix Fabrics, main distributor of high quality Fennix Fur for tailoring. Heartlock stated that Melting Heart's is at the beginning of a new era and that she's got big plans for it and its employees. How much Heartlock, in the end, paid for Melting Heart's will remain unknown for now, but the value of Melting Heart's as a clothing brand, trademark /and/ business, was taxed at ca. 1.2 billion Osi. For your information, that's 10 digits! If Lorch Meltdown decided to stop working has a stylist, fashionista and tailor, he might as well invest a few million Osi in his vacation!  Are you curious about Heartlock's new plans, just like us? Just like everyone else? Make sure to stay up to date and check your number one daily source of fashion, Ardent Daily!      

    // User "MarvinAintStarvin" <m.millano@cashncargo.nex> just left a reply // Best. Dog. Ever. Guess who learnt him some sick fucking tricks, huh? Hell yeah, what someone wouldn't do for a triple deluxe extra cheeseburger without lettuce! // User "Erica Fae" <efae_3200@fringenet.nex> just left a reply! // Reminds me of the time when I had a dog. I think I just might get one, now!  
  14. Out for a gig!

    Thank you! I wanted to go for a more basic approach this time ^^
  15. // Breaking fashion news! //

    // A new blog post turns up on Ardent Fashion - Author: "Jack Rayne Jr." - Date: 03-06-3284 // UPDATE: MELTING HEART'S EMPLOYEES ARE SHOCKED & SADDENED News spread yesterday, stating that the owner of the Fringe's #1 clothing brand decided to sell the trademark. The buyer who - according to a source - might be a member of the wealthy Welton family who isn't even remotely familiar with the current fashion trends in the Fringe. Speculations are that the trademark is bought as a gift to someone associated with the family. Employees working at Melting Heart's state that they are shocked, surprised and saddened by Lorch Meltdown's sudden decision. "Lorch was always so determined to reach his goal as a clothing designer and stylist. Simply selling his dreams after a period of stress isn't something he would do. He has been dealing with stress in the past and managed to recover from that." - Shareena Bluepetal "He always told us to not give up and to chase our dreams. He told us that everything is possible and he has inspired many of us with his views on life and certain problems. Jumping off this train after having worked with him for several years, just isn't Lorch's thing." - Brandon Farrelli "Saddening, to say the least, yes. He hasn't replied to any of our messages, nor has he been answering our calls. I fear that the problems he is dealing with might be larger than we anticipated. We saw the signs, depression, stress, obsessively exercising, alcohol abuse. Lorch, if you read this, please let us know how you're doing, buddy" - Jake Kurtis "Statement. We are shocked to have this news coming to us so suddenly. Lorch always talked to us about his problems, but never spoke to us about selling Melting Heart's. Business was better than just good with the reveal of the new Summer collection. Lorch enjoyed his work, regardless of the stress it sometimes gave him, so there is no obvious or valid reason for him to have Melting Heart's sold in its entirety to people that he despise." - ST3V3N Melting Heart's are also unsure of what the future might bring and react skeptically to the idea of having someone else in charge. Whatever will happen, you can read it here at Argent Daily, your daily dose of Fashion news!