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  1. Currently working on that TV-show I mentioned here. I love it when ideas like these get molded into projects and eventually, into events.

    Tomorrow, I might have a document at the ready that'll explain our whole idea. Stay tuned!


  2. Connection has been blocked bij Firewall

    It worked for me. The waiting, that is.
  3. //A News Reel from the USSS//

    // user "<err_no_16685_no_user_found>" <<err_no_16687_no_address_found>> just left a reply! // Ertan'al Bas. Saams Ken'lats U Ken'lins Varnis Ost Allaff, Humaan-Athal Valentina Sozonova. Rethsaam Ost'r Vidda U Nar'allaf.  - Dal'Vidda // End of the message // *Help would be sent to the said coordinates. 2 ships, each about the size of 2 trucks, stuffed to the brim with food and medical supplies. However, the supplies are just packed in orange packaging. No marks, no brands, no texts, except for "Dal'Vidda" written on them. The ships were escorted by 2 scouts that each are small enough for 2 people, and 4 fighters. The cargo ships would land on the safest spots that the scouts picked out for them. The scouts and the fighters remained far away from the planet itself, though. 20 Soldiers with rifles come out of the cargo ships once they landed to make sure to bring the message that people in disarray and despair should not storm the ships.*
  4. I Tried making a post, it failed with a 403 error. Tried relogging and posting it again, failed. Tried posting it again, but without format, failed. Tried posting a "-", which worked. Tried to edit it by replacing it with my message and now I'm blocked from the forum. Luckily I have other means to access the forum, so I don't have to create another account
  5. // the revolution begins.//

    // User "Bradley Sykes" <b.sykes@margury.nex> just left a reply! // Ghir'dan. Haven, Reth Ost'r Messal, Vash'dan bas!
  6. Not necessarily, no. Art handsies are also more than welcome, as we want to release a piece / pieces of art each episode
  7. I have an idea for a television show and I could use a few minds to help shaping it and a few hands to actually setting up. I'll reveal the details later, but for now: If you're interested in helping out, let me know here or punch me on Discord (Randy#5341). I'm hoping to have at least a few people by Friday night. After that, people are still free to join, though.
  8. Ardent fashion magazine NO. 1774

    Nah, just a fashion magazine
  9. Ardent fashion magazine NO. 1774

    I've been trying to get a new Ardent Fashion magazine cover out for quite some time now, but real life events and schedules made it so that it couldn't happen. Now, after I finished Taichi's drawing, I thought that I might as well use it for the cover! For the full res. version of it, go here
  10. Time for a well earned break!

    // User "♥Lorch♥MeltYourHeartDown♥" <lorch-i-licious@meltinghearts.nex> just greated a new topic! // // The image shows a selfie of the Apex. His face is covered in band-aids that have been treated with a healing gel. His eyes, reddened by tears that flow over his cheeks, sadly stare into the camera with a smile desperately trying to save the selfie. In the background, a fat and unclean man approaches the Apex while smoking a cigarette. The selfie itself, is taken at the landing space in Haven, in front of a ship that presumably would be the one Lorch will be traveling with. // As most of my friends and acquaintances have noticed, I haven't been doing so well as of lately. Overthinking bad situations over and over, threats that I have received, stress from work, stress from the events at Haven, loneliness and not being in control of my inner self have lead me to asking too much of myself. I overworked myself at work. I obsessively started to work out and overdo myself. I tried yoga, but my peace was disrupted almost every time. Nothing helped. I desperately looked for help and was advised to just stop overthinking things and to clear my mind somewhere, away from all the troubles and worries and face them when I'm ready. This has led me to booking myself a vacation far away from here. I will be taking off in the next hour, after my pilot is done loading his cargo. While I'm gone,  I will leave my friends, acquaintances and business partners in the hands of my lovely secretary, Karjalain Kaplan. She'll answer all your questions and take all your online orders while I'm gone. As for Melting Heart's, I have assigned two of my assistants, Jake and Melissa, to temporarily take over the steering wheel of the styling and wellness center until I make my return. I hope that you butts will leave Haven in one piece while I'm gone and that you all have a lovely day today. Stay safe, Lorchie ♥♥  
  11. // User "♥Lorch♥MeltYourHeartDown♥" <lorch-i-licious@meltinghearts.nex> just created a new topic! // // In the image, there's a Ravir wielding a large blade, threatening the purple blob, a Cervidani whose antlers are on the floor, another Ravir that is just watching, Lorch's face covered in blood and a few bits of shrapnel, a glitch standing there and one human that's being dragged away by another. The victims in this scene are all shocked and look terrified // Haven is slowly succumbing to the Fringe. If it isn't the senate, it's a faulty Atlas robot or people acting like a saint or a pure sour pickle. No guards were at the scene and look what happened. This is 15 minutes after I beamed down, simply looking for medication against my headache. ♥♥ Please don't let Haven become "another place like that". ♥♥
  12. Uhm.. Atlas?

    // User "♥Lorch♥MetlYourHeartDown♥" <lorch-i-licious@meltinghearts.nex> just replied! // Well good work, you!
  13. Uhm.. Atlas?

    // User "♥Lorch♥MetlYourHeartDown♥" <lorch-i-licious@meltinghearts.nex> just created a new topic! // // The image shows a robot with the Atlas brand on its faceplate. It's shooting sparks from out of its body while it carries a 2 foot blade in its hand // This robotic Atlas pickle was trying to rob someone at Haven. Someone needs to keep their pets under control and under maintenance!!  XOXOXO, Lorch
  14. ello i am new

    Ellow new, I am old