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  1. Hello everyone!  I've returned unannounced from a rather long break, and I really want to get back into RPing again. However, after returning for a few days, I've realized again why I left.  Perhaps it's just something with my memory, but I really do see a lack of fresh faces.  I've talked with people that I remember, even if they don't remember me.  It's kind of upsetting...  Then I decided to take the entrance exam.  And that was a pain.  After getting lost in all the lore questions, I turned to the Discord to ask why I couldn't find answers hidden within the essays of species lore.  Unbeknownst to me there was a second link for lore, a small summary of each species, hidden right under the first link to lore. "Maybe instead of immediately giving up and asking for help you should look around on the guidelines page more!" Maybe I should've.  But as a returning player, I myself find all the guidelines and lore just *listed* there a tad bit overwhelming.  I can't imagine what a newer RPer / player must feel when they look at the guidelines.  Had I been completely new I would've given up and gone back to Dark Souls.   So now, the main topic of this post, the thesis.  I myself think that the guidelines page and forum home page is too messy for a new person to navigate.   Yes, rules are important, but maybe I don't want to have a fleet right now, do I need to waste time reading those rules?  Maybe just a disclaimer ("Before deciding to have a fleet of ships IC, please read the following rules") and a link to the fleet guidelines on the rules page would suffice just as much.  What if I don't use Discord? Do I need to read those rules? My suggestion: Make the home page and rules page more navigable for newer members.  Present them first with what they absolutely need to know.  Immediately presenting the server and forum as complex drives potential members away...   I'm not the best at explaining things in depth, so I've probably left one or two points out.  But I think this should suffice.
  2. Weekly Update #27 [14/5/2017]

    ayy lmao people remember me   <333
  3. 0.0

    Heir of Fire Destroyed
  4. Fare thee well

    bye fam
  5. Bye

    bye fam
  6. I feel like I should've made one of these

    ayy lmao i remember you
  7. I want a 1.0 reset.

    do it please
  8. Pop culture rule suggestion

    No no more rules thats what caused most of this bullshit in the first place make your own damn ic memes if you want this to stop and honestly who cares no point in making fictional memes for our fictional characters to laugh at in a fictional world
  9. Dear Galactic Citizens.

    I sense semi-hostile intentions? Not hostile. fuck. whats the word. u no what i mean
  10. Dear Galactic Citizens.

    There's a simple solution to this. Really. Take down the forums for a week.  Let the fire have time to burn up what's left so we can start fixing stuff without prolonging the flame.  Give everyone 48 hours to get everything they need from everyone, steam profiles, rp shit, etc etc, on the forum.  Keep the server up.  And then start dismantling the long ass application systems and bureaucratic machines that are causing all of this.  Literally. Make this server more about RP than following rules, set up a permanent staff:member ratio, strictly outline what staff can and cannot do, create systems to HELP RP rather than restrict it (I think a banking system would be cool), etc. My two cents anyway.
  11. Dear Galactic Citizens.

    All I'm saying is FDR extended the length of the Great Depression by trying to fix it. sorry not sorry
  12. [Insert Witty Title Here]

    I'm fairly certain that every online community dies when admins start importing other staff members.
  13. new forum feature

    oh ho bby dear staff pls unban every1 pls P L S
  14. new forum feature

    also let chocobo back in that'd be a good idea cosign