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  1. *Stirs annoyed at on his presumed grave*

    1. 409

      there is no need to be upset

    2. Death

      I still have a picture on my desk. :x

  2. VSRP Extra things

    @Emmalinea I could take @MrSimplyChaos as a son with mother dead on birth or something. Maybe adopted. I'll leave it for him to decide.
  3. VSRP Extra things

    Character name: Johnny John  Age: 25  Gender: Male  Race: Human  Occupation/Role: Lumberjack  Spouse: No, but casual fun is welcomed.  Kids: No thanks.  Other Family ties: Nope.
  4. So crazy it just might work...

    The lore doesn't matter? Was that really just said on a RP community? Ok. Just reset it. I'm out. *makes a peace sign*
  5. So crazy it just might work...

    What I read: "Guys, know all that lore and the hardwork that was put behind it all? Yeah, let's erase that all and pray it fixes it"
  6. Gc reference in starbound

    I don't want to be another man's treasure... *Is scared*
  7. Where did you come from, where did you go?

    Jungle. On the Jungle continent.
  8. Prohibition

    Well... There goes the main drinks of... All my characters. Thanks again, Chucklefuck. <3
  9. Post your picture (( or selfie? ))

    Cutest one so far. Reminds me of Chizzy a bit. Le Brazilian me: Spoiler  
  10. SS13

    One day, I was doing my usual Roboticist work when an assistant appeared at my door dragging the corpse of a Space Bear (I have no clue on hell how he found AND KILLED one... but ok) asking me to make a arm transplant between him and the bear. Of course, eager to gruesomely rip members from a living subject instead of making Cyborgs, I hurried him to the surgery table, so that he doesn't get a chance to reconsider the miserable choice he made. Lucky for him, my entire stock of anesthetic gas was stolen by a rampaging monkey that could breath fire. So he was awake and feeling it all... I still remember the screams echoing. After spending a lot of blood bags and suturing the cuts, he emerged with two violently flailing space-bear arms. He now had the strength of one, so much that he almost downed me in a single attack as a test. Around 20 minutes after, I hear in the radio that some random guy with bear arms murdered two security officers on the bar while trying to escape. They will never know.    Bonus story:  Once as barkeep, I made a formula that, mixed with sugar, created a enormous cloud that could easily melt steel... and anything else in the area. So I mixed it all with various flavored juices so that no one suspected the lack of variety on the bar. Thing is, when people drunk that they instantly combusted into flames and (if no one helped them) died burned alive. My new slogan was "Free Hot drinks for Hot people!" and half the station burned. I made extra cash by offering a "cool down service", aka extinguishing the flames.
  11. I support this. Anyone who would have a reason to downvote something should be more than able to write up his/her/it's concerns so that it can be debated properly.
  12. Suggestion: Remove Chat Images

    I agree. Chat images is also the most unsafe thing I have ever seen on Galaxy Citizen. I mean, really guys... That is just asking for a troll to gift everyone with surprise Goatsee.
  13. Happy 2nd Birthday GC

    Gosh... I feel old.
  14. Hattoricorn

    Portrait of Hattori made by KitKatarine
  15. Hattori by Lynn

    Portrait of Hattori made by Lynn.